Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tuesday Tidbit, on Sea, Sun and Seduction

Hahaha caught you!

I should maybe have added, and sunsets. And very definitely ... spoiled...

Sunset over the Indian Ocean, from Coco Palm Bodu Hithi, Maldives

As you might have gathered, I've been seduced by the sea. By the Indian Ocean and all things Maldivian, after my recent holiday.

....She slipped into the warm water and waved at him. As the waves lapped around her and  caressed her body like a lover she smiled. "Come and join me?"
He shook his head. "I'll be here, waiting."...

We have just had a perfect holiday, which started at Coco Palm Bodu Hithi, an island that prides itself on its Green qualities. It is perfect, friendly, ethical and determined to help—not hinder—the world.

The staff are great, nothing is too much trouble. I have to be gluten free. Not only did the chefs change sauces where necessary, at each meal they told me what was okay for me and made bread, croissants and danish pastries.

And for a very special pud...

Spoiled or what?

Sadly we only had three nights there...this time.  The Maldives is beautiful, this island is low key luxury. They were badly hit by the Tsunami I believe, and had to re build. Sadly a lot of the beach has eroded, but great steps are being taken to rectify that.

 Shoot I sound like their PA or a travelogue. I'm not but I do give them a thumbs up...on a Tuesday not Thursday, cos I've lots to fit in this week. They don't rip you off, and you get what they promise, a rarity in this day and age.

And as I sat on the patio every morning and looked over the ocean, checking out the fish that swam past, I wrote.

Regency, hot stories, a #sexysnippet for the Sunday, and made notes for a contemporary love story set, well yes you've guessed it. That few lines above are from it.

So when it hits the shelves, I know who it'll be dedicated to...
Thanks Bodu Hithi.

Happy reading,

love R x


  1. It must have been so inspiring :-)

  2. SO jealous of that holiday! But as Doris said, plenty of inspiration, no? :)

  3. Beautiful photo. If I shut my eyes, I'm nearly there.... :-) x