Sunday, 3 February 2013

#sexysnippets. To Please A Lady

This week I'm really happy to say I've been nominated for a writing award. I'm in the category for best Historical Menage on with To Please A Lady (If you want to, you can vote via the button on this blog, just to the right) >>> 

Now I haven't been nominated for anything since I won best legs in the office at the tender age of 18, so this is so good. Especially when you see the other nominees.

This week there was no contest over which book I'd take my seven sentences from...

She paused, licked one delicate finger with the same sensual action as she licked his cock. “Well, then, after a crab patty and a chicken leg, I feel it is time for me to retire from this festivity. I trust you will procure my carriage?”
He bowed his head. “Difficult though it is to disallow me your presence, I will do so, in the knowledge of my pleasure at meeting you later.”
Ah, sweet tongued as well as sweet fingered. What would she do?

You can read all the #sexysnippets on

Happy reading,

loveR x


  1. A great Snippet, Raven! And good luck in the nomination. You know I love this story :-)

  2. Good luck on the nomination, Raven! Enticing snippet and lovely cover ;-)

  3. So sexy hot! Contests on the nomination. My vote's in.

  4. Sexy! Best wishes on your nomination, Raven!

  5. Congrats on the nomination!! Love the snippet.

  6. Congrats and great snippet! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Congratulations on the nomination and I'm sure your legs are still something to behold! Intriguing snippet!

  8. "crab patty and chicken leg" Ha! Love it.