Monday, 25 February 2013

A chat with Scarlet Darkwood

Scarlet is telling us the ten things we simply have to know about her heroine Rose, from her story Pleasure House.

Hi Scarlet, pull up a chair, grab a drink take off your shoes if you want, and get comfy...

A lusty hello to all! This is my first guest post, and I want to thank Raven for bestowing upon me the honor of sharing some of my work. Though I'm a new author who writes erotica, I'm not new to erotica. I remember my "first time" well, stumbling on my first novel in this genre totally by mistake. I had purchased Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy, thinking I was going to read a nice little fairytale with a twist, perhaps. Oh, I think I was the one who was awakened, not just Beauty! Anyway, what left me astounded by the experience was the concept of taking the subject of sex and weaving it continually into a story, page after page, book after book.

I thought authors who were able to do this were beyond talented, and I admired the creativity behind it. Now many people in society believe writing about sex is only for those who can't write, but nothing, as you know, is further from the truth. The writer still has to create a nice story, with compelling characters, and in the end, wrap everything up in a nice, tidy bow. At least if you want to share an enjoyable read, you'll want to do those things any author would do.

Thus, I set out to create my first novel, Pleasure House, which takes place in a local asylum. The setting, which is the 1920's-1930's, shows us a time when people were still hauled off to a madhouse for not following society's rules. Whether you were an erotomaniac or you spouse wanted to be rid of you or you were truly insane, anything could land you in a place of horror. I wanted to switch this world and turn it into a sexy, sensual one, while including some pretty kinky, top-of-the-foodchain erotic elements practiced by savvy kinksters. Enter Rose, the main character who suffers the fate of being sent to The House because her parents want her erotomania cured and gone forever. While there is a "happily ever after" to this novel, the story focuses mainly on Rose's sexual training and experience. If you read the novel, here are the top ten things you're most likely to learn about Rose:

1. She's an erotomaniac.

2. She's rather fussy, and impatient.

3. She's not the most trusting.

4. She's gutsy, and willing to face her fears.

5. When she wants something done, she wants it done right and by the best.

6. She's insecure, feeling like others have more to offer than she does.

7. She has a maternal side to her.

8. She's responsible and ethical, seeking assistance when she knows something's above her head.

9. She doesn't always pay attention to her emotions until her back's against the wall.

10. She knows how to take charge and make someone beg.

If you're looking for a novel with some pretty unusual activities not normally found in most works of this type, you'll want to read Pleasure House (and trust me, if you're squeamish or prudish, stay away!)

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  1. Rose sounds very interesting!
    And yes - writing about sex doesn't mean you can't write!

  2. Hi Scarlett, this sounds fascinating. Will def be checking it out :-)

  3. Thanks so much to both Faberge and Doris! It's not easy incorporating lots of sex into a story. I noticed the links were't working or available, so if it doesn't overstep bounds, I'll place them here:

    Pleasure House:

    On Nook: