Sunday, 26 May 2019

#SundaySnippet with a Regency heroine who is at the end of her tether

Hi All welcome to my #SundaySnippet. Where as The Viscount Meets His Match is out next week I thought I should tease you from there...
(and it is an exceptionally great cover)

And a wee tease, where Josephine is hard pressed to be polite

Even with the lack of intrusive and in-depth queries, keeping her temper was at times a close run thing. After one elderly dowager had blatantly used her age and title to ask what came next, Josephine had to count to ten before she replied.
“The harpist, a quartet, supper and then Miss Jones on the piano,” she said with a composure she didn’t feel. “So, if you will excuse me, I will go and find somewhere to sit.” She curtsied and turned away before anything else was said. As soon as they’d arrived, her mama had behaved as usual and left Josephine to her own devices, so there was no one to call her out for her undoubted rude behavior.

you can find the book at Totally Bound or on Amazon

Happy reading, 
love Raven xx 

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