Sunday, 12 May 2019

#SundaySnippet with the hell of midges

Hi everyone. Welcome to #SundaySnippet.

I'm getting somewhat excited as in the next couple of weeks or so I have two new books coming out.

One as Raven, TheViscount meets his Match.

and one as Katy Lilley, Second Chances for Lottie Botte.

Both are available for preorder, on Amazon.

So, I dithered over which story to take my snippet from and ended up deciding to take it from neither.

Instead I've taken it from a WIP, where my hero and heroine are sitting in a garden in Scotland.

~~~“Who invented midges and why?”
Louisa passed him the spray. She’d already got the midge eating machine on but it didn’t seem to matter how many were drawn to it, the same number weren’t. Sitting in the garden was always a juggling act, deciding how long to stick it out and when you just had to go inside.
“Midges are one of the nasties of the world. Sent to try us and my goodness they do. But then without them I’d spend every one of the few nice days we get outside and miss my deadlines.”
Moss chuckled. “So their reason for being is to send
procrastinating authors hot foot to their computers? Sounds fair enough to me.”~~~ 

Happy reading, 

love, Raven xx

(Ps the midges send everyone indoors.)

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