Sunday, 19 May 2019

#SundaySnippet from a bookkeeper who has to try and dance

Hi All, and welcome to this week's #SundaySnippet. 

Where I'm showing a little bit about Celine's predicament...

~~~ “As a dancer, here in this establishment you are employed to dance for the customers. I am a customer; you are the entertainment. They are the facts.”
There was little she could answer. No Sir, I am not a dancer, but the bookkeeper, who stood in for a friend who has la grippe and the owner, Madame Solange, my friend was in a panic? That wouldn’t show the club up in a good light. The last thing she wanted to do was damage the club’s reputation, but she knew her limits. To be for want of a better word, brazen, was not in her psyche.

Hope that has whetted your interest

Happy reading,

love Raven xx

(My apologies for the mixed up spacing... No idea why, and can't see how to fix it. I need more coffee.)

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