Sunday, 17 June 2018

#SexySnippets with a man on a mission

This week it's seven sentences from this unnamed Dark Isle I'm writing (as Kera Faire) 

Aiden Fox, usually known, revered and feared in equal measures as Fox or The Fox, scanned the emails sent to him, swore and cussed one Michael Hoult. He was becoming a nuisance.
First of all the man had left the covert group Fox had overseen—unknown—then turned up as a bloody Dispatcher.
Now he was certain someone was intercepting his emails and he wouldn’t bet his pension to insist it wasn’t Hoult.
The irony was he had the intention of using the dispatchers not dispersing them like his lord and masters thought he would.
Maybe it was time to turn the situation to his own advantage. Rapidly Fox began to from the date ascertained, it will change for it is as it was feared the... and sent it unfinished.

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love Raven xx