Friday 22 June 2018

Where's the magic wand when you need it?

HI All, 

Anyone know a good fairy with a magic wand to let me fit more wordage into less time?

I'm wondering how to fit more writing in. So much going on and my writing time is dwindling rapidly. Not good.

Which is one reason why I'm not hosting a lot of people at the moment on here, and I hate that. I like to share my blog with others.

However, to do that, I have to know I can pimp and promo their guest slot, and at the moment I'm hard pressed to pimp and promo me, let alone anyone else. 

(Did you know I had a book out this week? DeAnne's Dilemma from Evernight publishing here )

I was talking about the guests and promo to a friend, who agrees with me, that if someone takes the time to send you a promo you need to be able to showcase it properly. However, they—the guest—need to reciprocate and also promote their post.

And we decided send everything you need to put that post up, so you as the host don't have to spend hours trying to find buy links or the cover or whatever.

Which means of course, a you are more likely to be invited back, and b, it's a two way thing. Tit for Tat so to speak.

Now, that doesn't mean because I once hosted you I expect you to host me. I hope you will, but it's not a god given right. And I understand it's not always easy. Oh boy do I. But if you do, I'll make darned sure you get everything you need to put that blog post up. And promo it and say thank you.

Now I'd better get on with writing this WIP.

Hopefully once I get this new 'timetable' sorted I'll be able to host more people again—and send out pretty please will you host me requests as well.

Until then,

happy reading,

love Raven xx

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