Sunday 24 June 2018

#SexySnippets from a hot, dark Vampire

Welcome to this week's #SexySnippets

As someone was asking about Vampire stories in a facebook group...

Guess where today's seven sentences come from...

At a mysterious masquerade ball, two lovers with an unknown agenda wonder what will happen when the masks come off at dawn? 

Dorissa has always refused Rafe’s offer of marriage, but this ball might just be the right time to change the ton's strictly-enforced rules. Provided they both survive until the morning...

and your #SexySnippets

“Stay like that and touch you nipples, Dorissa; I know you can do it.” Rafe walked back to her and nudged her legs apart with his knee. “Show me how much you want to obey me, how much you want to be fucked. Do it now.”
As ever he was correct, and with a little difficulty, Dorissa maneuvered her hands across her chest, reached her nipples, and pinched them hard between her thumbs and forefingers. Even doing that herself was arousing. She sighed—dare she ask for more?


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