Tuesday 12 June 2018

#TantalizingTuesdays and My Future (well not mine but you know what I mean)

So a bit different, and hello yes it's me again.

This week, I'm giving you something you might hate me for.

His Future

(Source pinterest)

This time it would be different. This time I would ask, not plunder.
This time
I told her as she begged me not to go ahead. She was mine.
To my shame, taken by me, as my tribe decreed.
To my shame.
I took, I left.
Now it will be different. I promise myself that.
I keep my vows.
The boat surges ahead. I hold on, the rope around my hand keeps the fender ready.
I’ve missed her. Pleasured myself with her name on my lips.
Forced myself to wait until I can be with her forever.
My Cordelia. My lady of the sea.
I land and stride to the village. Eager to see my love once more.
The wailing greets me.
Where is my lady?
I look toward the church.
A coffin sits outside.
My stomach clenches. The priest sees me and walks over.
‘My lord.’ His old lined face stares at me with pity. ‘She is gone.’
 I walk around him. To gaze at my lifeless love.
‘How?’ I could say no more.
‘By giving you your future.’
I spin round. A white haired crone hands me a wriggling bundle.
My future stares at me, farts and smiles.

So, there's, me, Doris O'Connor here and my alter ego Katy Lilley here who have decided to tease you here.


Happy Reading,

love Raven x