Wednesday, 20 June 2018

#MidWeekTease with a dilemma—DeAnne's Dilemma

Now DeAnne's Dilemma is out so you can get your hands on it, (I was going to say sticky little mitts, but that's rude)

So instead I'll give you a tease from it, And of course the buy link 

Let's see, what shall I tease you with?



“Anyway, what next?” Sandie asked, and I stopped thinking about coffee with whisky, and about how to hold my stomach in and
not let the girls hang low or go free instead.
“You hide your hickey?” I suggested. It was so noticeable it

shouted, “I’ve been fucked.” “Just because it’s a wedding pic.” Not at all because I was jealous. Not now at any rate. I hoped I didn’t show any evidence, but oh boy, wasn’t I in the same situation. “Otherwise if you get it, why not flaunt it, you lucky sod.”
“I am, aren’t I? Boy, he was... Oh, fu—shi—er, flip,” Sandie stammered and then went red. She’d split up with a no-good scumbag a few months before and on her own admission didn’t trust her judgment in men. “Might be a good idea. Anyone got some concealer?”
Beatrix sighed and fished a slim stick out of a pocket. Sandie took it with a sweet and insincere smile. “Proper little right-hand woman, eh?” she said quietly to me as she accepted it with a saccharine smile and said “thank you” out loud. “But why does it make me want to bitch-slap her?”
“Too good to be true?” I suggested. I totally understood. The woman had a way of rubbing people up the wrong way without even trying. I wouldn’t want to be her other half.
“Probably. Bet she pulls wings off flies.”
After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, Beatrix eventually arranged us to her satisfaction with only a few very caustic comments, one of which was about how I seemed to have changed shape and my color had heightened. “You’ll need to make sure you’re slightly behind one of the others.”
“She can’t. She’s the boss bridesmaid,” Leslie objected. “Got to be up at the front.”
“Then she shouldn’t look like that,” Beatrix snapped. “She looks...” Her voice trailed off.
Bitch. Now, I’d love to say I don’t get that riled easily, but that would be an out and out lie. I do. As Quinn once said, from placid to harridan in thirty seconds or less. And when I do, take cover.
This was a take cover time. I straightened and out of the corner of my eyes saw my fellow maids exchange amused glances. They knew me and my temper.
“Well, honey,” I drawled and almost made myself sick with the sugary, saccharine, sweet tone. Behind me Sandie snorted, and Rhonda pinched my waist in warning to back off. She recognized that tone. However, it was too late.
“Believe me, there was a very good, six foot four, dark haired, blue eyed, sexy as hell reason for that. You see, I’ve just been thoroughly fucked.”
Sandie high-fived. “And me. Though no blue eyes involved. More of a dark, dark grey. We’re allowed.” She stared at the hapless, red-faced—though I guess not through a good fuck—photographer, while I rapidly went through the guest list to try to remember who had dark, dark grey eyes.
“So,” Sandie said in an exaggerated manner. “What’s your excuse, honey? Sheer bitchiness?”
Leslie, usually the peacemaker, added her two pennorth. “Lucky sods, both of you. I swear I’d need a manual to find my lady bits.” She rolled her eyes as she used the euphemism we all hated. “I’ll have to live vicariously through you both.”
Hmm, probably not. “Yeah well, now you’ll have to live through the rest of these photos or we’ll never get away, and you definitely will need a manual. On how to dispose of the body.”
Even Beatrix laughed at that, and I felt a right rotten bastard. Oh, for all of four seconds until she rearranged her features into a scowl and stamped her foot.

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