Sunday, 11 March 2018

#SexySnippets with all the bother and upheaval of a house move.

With a thought or two for moving house angst...

The Pop-up Book Shop on the Cliffs... From my softer, sweeter side, Katy Lilley To be published by Manatee Books in May

Why on earth her bras were in the dining room sideboard, she hadn’t got a clue, and as for her clean undies? 
Apart from the one to wear and one for a spare she carried with her in the small bag—all she had space for in her car on her journey south—Bryony had no idea what she had done with the rest. 
Did that mean she’d find them along with the cutlery in the bathroom and her shoes in the garage? It wouldn’t surprise her in the least. 
She’d been so concerned with washing—and disinfecting—walls and floors, sweeping out cockroaches and any dead spiders she’d missed—surely it hadn’t been that bad when she made her previous visit—that even a couple of weeks later, putting things where she would find them, and food shopping, was low on her list of priorities. 
Clean sheets, a shower that was mould free, and a loo that no longer looked as if it hadn’t been flushed for the last decade hit the top of that list. Okay the loo wasn’t to her taste—the inside was decorated with leaves and flowers that were enough to make you wonder if a bee would pop out and bite you on the bum—but it sparkled, and due to copious amounts of room spray smelled nicely of lavender.

(adapted a bit to give you the gist)

you can find Katy Lilley on Facebook and Twitter. The Pop-up Book Shop is her first chick lit. 

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