Sunday, 18 March 2018

#SexySnippets with Athol who shows you his romantic side.

Hi all and welcome to this weeks #SexySnippets

Where I'll be honest I struggled to find something I thought would appeal to you.

So in the end I asked Athol, one of my early heroes from the Dommissimmma series what he thought I should do.

He came up with this...

The seven most sexiest sentences—ever.

"Just let me hold you and love you,  and show you that you are the centre of my universe."

"You, only you."

A look, a sigh, a kiss to are mine, and I am yours."

"Without you the world is grey."

"My life would be empty without you."

"You bring colour, music plays, stars shine and your smile lights up my life."

Ahem, the seventh is not going to be written here. It would get me banned for life, but believe me, oh my it is the sexiest ever. 

To discover Athol, check out Master, A Dom's Decision, The Doms Dilemma and more of the Dommissimma series from me at Evernight Publishing.

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Happy reading,

love, Raven x


  1. Athol *dramatic sigh* one of the best characters you've ever written.

  2. Your dialogue sounds like poetry. Very nice

  3. Ah, Athol. *sighs* I loved him!