Wednesday, 28 March 2018

#MidWeekTease, Where Struan is waiting for a sign...

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Welcome to this week's #MIdWeekTease

Here's mine.

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Take one ex-shifter...Glare at him for a while. Add...

One unknown enemy,
One human,
and a lot of helpers...

What do you get?

You get Struan's Story.

Struan Scott has been brought up to be told he should head the Shalean Sept of leopard shifters, Not Brios Parde.

When the Rogue Shaleans who poisoned his mind are vanquished, Struan has to choose...

Continue with evil or change his life around.

It's not an easy choice. Believe what your are told your destiny should be, or take a chance, change and discover what your destiny is going to be.

This is what he does, how he does it, and whether he succeeds in his choice.

Does he?

You'll have to wait and see but...

your #MidWeekTease

(Struan has moved to Devon and is trying to get on with his life)

Struan scrubbed his paddle board and stared at the rain streaming down the window of his shed aka summer house. Flaming June was now raining July, and it was miserable. Esther had been gone for two weeks, and he missed her. They’d spoken on the phone, texted and face timed, but it wasn’t the same. He wasn’t sleeping well, his slumber broken by dreams of what had been and what could be...or not. Leopards, the Armin stone, his betrayal of all he should hold dear and that final denouement.
Sometimes he swore he could hear the Grey Side, mocking him for not standing by what lies they had fed him. That he ignored. The dreams of Shalea, of what it meant, of how he’d tried to destroy it and how he changed his life around were not so easy to ignore.
He painted his kitchen, took his turn locking up the tunnel, and went for ever longer runs.
Every day he could swear he saw a leopard. Under the bridge, in the tunnel, even swimming up the river. The hallucinations were so clear, so lifelike, that Struan thought if he was able to touch one, he’d feel warm fur and a heartbeat.
And every day, the conviction that something momentous was about to happen got stronger.
What he had no idea, where, or when, ditto, but it put him on edge. He hadn’t been so unsure of himself, of who he was, and what might be able to happen since those dreadful days when he’d been banished, and found himself unable to shift, project or be part of what had been his life since birth.
When he found he’d painted the same door panel for the third time, Struan decided enough was enough. He washed the paintbrush, tidied everything away and went out in the rain. To scrub his paddle board and give himself a strong talking to. He couldn’t carry on like this. He either had to wallow or wake up and do something about whatever was going on.
Wallowing was not in his make up. So...Struan put his now shining paddle board on the shelf and stood up and stretched. Time to be proactive.
As if it was a sign, the rain stopped and a rainbow arched over the estuary mouth. The sight took his breath away. It was clearer than he’d ever seen before, a full arc of glorious colors. Beneath it, the water sparkled, and the ferry chugged across, the river, its flags fluttering gently in the now soft breeze, and sending Struan a message.
‘We need you.’

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  1. Love the tension you're building. We can feel the world moving around him/with him.

  2. Great tease indeed :-)

  3. I always love a good redemption arc. Great tease, Raven!