Sunday, 25 March 2018

#SexySnippets... not sexy but heartbeat raising maybe?

Well, those of us in the UK lost an hours sleep (and not just because some of us got up to watch the Australian Grand Prix.) Allegedly we're now in British Summer Time. The ice on the pond sort of negates that.

However it's Sunday and #SexySnippets time. 

As I'm writing an NA with my J Lilley hat on, your (not so) sexy snippets comes from there.

Struan is the baddy in my YA series The Shalean Moon, about shape shifters—from human to leopards. Here he is older, and we discover if he is wiser and reformed as well...

The Story is set in Devon

And Scotland

(Struan feels impelled to return to Scotland, but outside forces make it impossible for him to continue once he crosses the border. He manages to ask Brios for help.)

Your snippets 

 ‘Okay, wait there and we'll with you in ten.’
 How on earth could he be?
 ‘Oh yea of little faith, look can you open your backseat doors?’
‘Okay but...’
‘Wait and see, look out for a swarm of midges.’
 Midges? Why ever midges, they were nasty no see um biting things unless they swarmed together and became a black cloud of ready to bite.

‘Easier to disguise than a leopard.’

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And as I always say The Shalean Moon is for kids from 13 to 90 and beyond...
The Shalean Moon—are you ready? 

You can get the Shalean Moon books, by J. Lilley from Amazon

Happy reading,
love Raven xx