Friday, 21 July 2017

Two for the price of one on Fabulous Five Fact Friday. Ravenna Tate teases us with secret info about Glynis and Asa

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 Come and meet Glynis and Asa, form Ravenna fantastic new book, A Flogging Fantasy, and find out five fascinating facts about them they've never mentioned before


Despite her strict upbringing and meddling family, Glynis Coleman has entertained fantasies of being flogged all her adult life. But until she decided to answer an ad on a BDSM site, seeking participants for a survey on impact play, she had given up hope of fulfilling those fantasies in real life. And guilt over them led her to teach history in a Catholic high school, thus decreasing her chances of meeting anyone interested in indulging her secret desires.

Asa Baker, the Dom at Sensations who introduces her to impact play during one erotic night at the club, is everything she’s ever dreamed of. Handsome, charming, and he loves to use a flogger. Asa has been searching for the woman of his dreams, and it doesn’t take him long to realize he’s found that woman in Glynis. Now all he has to do is convince her of the same thing.


and those five fabulous Friday facts about our hero Asa

ate a dozen earthworms on a dare in second grade,

won't eat pizza,

has a recurring dream about tornadoes,

loves 60s music,

has a small birthmark shaped like a question mark on his left hip.


and five even more fabulous facts about The gorgeous Glynis


ripped the veil on her First Communion dress the night before she made it and had to sew it by hand, so fell asleep during the Mass,

can eat an entire pint of ice cream in under fifteen minutes without getting brain freeze,

believes in ghosts,

still does not step on cracks in the sidewalk,

and sang Memories in a fifth grade talent show.

The Spanking Experiments 3

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