Sunday, 23 July 2017

#SexySnippets With a hot man in Hong Kong

Welcome to #SexySnippets again. Where we tease with seven sentences from a book or WIP.

Today I'm teasing you from an old story, Hong Kong Heat. Mainly because I've been chatting to a friend who lives there, and it's made me want to visit again.

(Plus Braam is hot 😉 )

There was no two ways about it, the guy was sex on legs and the sort of man to make you roll over and shout ‘play your cards right and you can have me’.

With a mental shrug at her fanciful notions, she took her life into her hands to cross the road and dodge pedestrians, cars and trams, and walk back to the hotel. As if someone like that would pay more than passing attention to a middle-aged overweight lady who could give him several years. Let alone listen to her telling him to play his cards right.

 Oh well, I can dream. But dreaming led to a damp crotch and a need for relief. Debra made her way into her suite, dragged her clothes off and indulged in a well needed self-induced orgasm that left her hot, sweaty and pleased that she was gifted with a great imagination. Her mystery man had featured heavily, as she used her hands to tease her clit and fall over the edge.

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