Wednesday, 26 July 2017

#MidWeekTease with a little pain

With a book out next week, and two I'm expecting edits for, I'm spoiled for choice with regards to my #MidWeekTease this week.

This excerpt is taken from In His Hands, my short story set in Hong Kong, in a typhoon

Due to be published on August 3rd by Evernight Publishing

She bowed her head once more, to show him deference. To try to put across the fact she wasn’t being bratty, just stating her case. “I’m ready, Sir.”
He got hold of her hand and the action took her arms away from her breasts.
This time there was no mistaking Patrick’s deep indrawn breath, or the pleasure reflected in his eyes. “Well, well what have we here? You like a little pain, pet? Let me oblige.” He bent his head and laved each nipple in turn, before he grazed the hard nubs with his teeth. Then he tugged on the silver chain that circled both her nipples and joined her breasts together.
The little pain was no such thing. It was short, sharp, and bloody hurt. Caness bit her lip, and he tugged harder. How on Earth she managed not to shoot her fist into his stomach, she wasn’t sure. She’d thought he’d be pleased to see her ready and with the nipple chain on, especially as he’d left it out before he’d read her limit sheets. It was a new direction for her, and one she’d thought long and hard about before she decided to try it. The idea intrigued her, but she’d only given it two because she honestly had no idea if it would work. In fact when she’d attached it and discovered it did circle her nipples and make them stand out so well, she’d wanted to touch herself. Make herself come before she showed him how she looked. One thing had stopped her. The words she’d read in so many books. The ones where the Dom would say, “Your climax belongs to me, pet.” The words that made her wet as she wondered just how you could hold back a climax. But never had she thought he could increase the pain it gave her. Oh god. What if pain isn’t my thing? She couldn’t help it. Her breathing sped up and she moaned in panic and bit her lip again, harder than before.

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