Wednesday, 12 July 2017

#MidWeekTease With a conundrum...Who was he? Cyn's Story

This week I'm teasing you with a few paragraphs of a short story I'm writing for a winner of a Romance Readers Recommend competition on FaceBook... Cyn's Story.

Cynthia Hilyer, this is all yours...

Cynthia sat on the edge of the rocky outcrop, sheltered from the wind by some gorse bushes, and looked at the scene played out below her.
From this distance it looked like ants scurrying about carrying grains of wheat, or sugar, preparing for winter.
Of course it was nothing like that.
Those ants were people, the wheat or sugar large sacks and packs, and the activity was all because of her.
Her and some red headed Scottish laird called Ruari McColl.
Her betrothed.
Cyn pulled her knees up and rested her chin on the thick linen skirt that covered them.
Ruari McColl
What the hell did she know about him?
Not a lot.
In face until this last month she’d never even heard of him, let alone met the man.
Happily living in Rutland, with only her personal staff to look after her, she’d be the first to admit she hadn’t had a conventional life—anything but.
Her mama had died giving birth to her, and her grieving papa threw himself into working for king and country and was never home.


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Happy reading,
love Raven x


  1. An intriguing tease, Raven. :-)

  2. Sounds like she has a great view. I look forward to more!