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#MidWeekTease A rake, a courtesan, and a rollicking romance...maybe?

Welcome to #MidWeekTease. Where this week, I'm taking you back around two hundred years.

To 1818 London, where things are a bit different than they are today...

Where the Earl needs to find a way to thwart his mother's machinations...

And the courtesan needs to foil the ambitions of a wood-be husband. 

How can they do it?

The blurb...

The method...maybe...

(Maria has suggested to her friend Jamie, he could help himself and one of her friends to stave off unwanted admirers, and interference)

“I can’t agree to anything without more information.” He had a nasty suspicion this suggestion involved both one of her clients and a crazy idea.
“Not even if it will help you?” Maria asked him with a quizzical expression. “That’s a poor showing.”
“Ah but, Ria, there’s the rub. How do I know it will without the full facts?” he asked. He had to hope she understood how serious he was It was not a subject to laugh about. “All you have imparted is that someone you know needs to get rid of an admirer and if someone else, name unspecified but of the aristocracy, showed an interest in her it might work.”
Maria bit her lip, a sign she secretly agreed with him. Jamie folded his arms and leaned against the window ledge. He knew better than to push her—it was best to let her cogitate over his words.
“I do not want to tell you who this person is if you think it unlikely you’ll be interested,” she said at last. “It would be betraying a confidence.”
Good lord, they could go round the houses forever like this. “Theoretically?” Jamie said He chose his words with care. “I am interested. But, Ria, think about it carefully. If she’s an antidote, no one will believe I have any interest in her.” His escorting—or bedding—of beauties was well documented.
Maria shook her head and tiny tendrils of conker-colored hair slid over her shoulders. “Nothing like that, I promise you. She isn’t of your class and I’m not saying you need to look as if you’re about to marry her... Just be besotted. Set her up as your next mistress or something.” She blinked in quick succession and looked aghast. “Oh lord, you aren’t still involved with Lady Smithers, are you? That would blow it.”
“Lady Smithers and I are no longer involved,” Jamie said. To his dismay he sounded wooden and stilted; annoyed she’d put her finger on the one thing that irritated him. “It was a momentary aberration.” And one he rued. “I, as you so elegantly put it on one occasion, do not have my pudding in anyone’s honey pot. Plus, I’ve never been besotted in my life,” Jamie added with perfect truth. “No one will believe it for a second. Nor will they accept I’m chasing a woman not of my class. I’ve never needed to chase anyone and I have no intention of starting now.”
“Goodness, so inflexible.” Maria pointed her finger at him. “You, my lord, have been spoiled.”
“You think so? With my mama?” he asked in a way most people on the receiving would wince, and stammer apologies. “Hardly.”
“Ah, you have a point,” Maria said. “However, all the more reason this will work. The lady in question will appear to want you as much as you want her. I hope.”
All of a sudden Jamie began to enjoy himself. “Oh there will be no appearing to do so. Come on, Ria, do you want to wager I can’t make her want me?” He raised one eyebrow in query. “Really?”
“You will not dally with her, Jamie Weston, do you hear me?” Maria snapped as she stood and poked him in the stomach. It was no more than a tickle, but the look on her face showed he’d riled her. “This will be staged to perfection, no more.”
“Then you best tell me who you think people would accept I am enamoured both with— and without any dalliance.”
“Will you do it?”

He tilted his head to one side and Maria scowled. “Oh all right, but if you say no this goes no further.”

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