Monday, 5 June 2017

The Gluten-free Author's Guide to Goodies—or not. Hello Monday...

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Good morning Monday peeps...How's it going? This week my guide to goodies or not is a great big thumbs up...


My recipe for what we call in my family, fruit Yorkshire. (well if I don't give it one, who else would?)

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The posh name is Clafoutis
and probably the regular name would be fruit in batter. Maybe...

Anyway, as ever no picture from me, as I ate it before I decided it needed the Raven g-f thumbs up. I found this picture of plum Clafoutis, which is sort of similar to mine (okay this looks nice, mine probably looks like a dogs dinner)

(source pinterest... what would we do without it?)

But you get the gist.

Okay I guess you can buy the batter mix, but as so much g-f food is full of additives to make it taste palatable, I'll go for basic and as much home made as possible every time.

So here's my recipe for Raven's Fruit Yorkshire. To me, the beauty is you can use any fruit you fancy, stewed or not. I like the fruit to have a bit of a 'bite' to it, so if It's apples, I don't cook, plums, blackberries and gooseberries I just soften them.

So... drum roll

As well all cook in different weight methods, I'm using the ancient method... ounces... 

Have fun adapting...

4 oz G-f plain flour ( you can use self raising, but I've found plain works better)
1/4 teasp salt
2 eggs
1/4 pint milk
1/4 pint lukewarm water
g-f Suet to cover lightly top of mixture when in tin
little sugar 
Fruit of your choice that gives a nice covering to the bottom of the tin. 

Beat flour, salt, egg, milk and water together until smooth and no lumps.

Put fruit in bottom of tin or whatever you use. If you're artistic well, go for a pattern. I'm not so I just 'bung' mine in the tin. Heat the fruit in the oven until yeah well, it's hottish. 😼😁

Take it out, pour the batter over it, sprinkle g-f suet over top, then a little sugar. (Just so the fruit is not too sharp) 

Put it back in oven for around 20-30 mins, gas 7-8 450-475 F, 230-240 C

Once the top is nicely browned there you have it.

Believe me, it's gorgeous...well I think so.

Happy Eating, 

love Raven x 

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