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#MidWeekTease Are you ready to be hooked on Sold?

#MidWeekTease is brought to you courtesy of Doris O'Connor and her new book,


All I can say is.... Get on and read it, it is fantastic.

Evangeline Prewitt has had better days, weeks, and quite possibly months. A rent increase on top of a huge car repair forces her to seek out her boss for financial help. His solution? Enter The Games.
Evie has her doubts about being sold off to the highest bidder—who would want a plump waitress? However, desperate times call for drastic measures. Besides, it’s only sex. What can possibly go wrong?
Atlan St. James seeks out The Games for a little distraction. This three-hundred-year-old vampire is drawn to the delicious human bundle of curves the minute he sees her. Evie will be his, at least for the night. What neither of them counts on is the instant connection between them. After all, sex is easy. Emotions are far more difficult to negotiate.
As far as Atlan is concerned, the only solution is to let his precious angel go.
Evie, however, will not be dictated to.

The game is on.

Over to Atlan for your #MidWeekTease

Atlan could have kissed whoever designed that dress, because she was clearly braless under the thin fabric, her large rack jiggling delightfully as she moved. With not a speck of makeup on her face, she looked young and good enough to eat. His jaw ached with the need to sink his fangs back into her neck and to claim her all over again.
Agnes threw him a glance, having noticed him, but his little angel was still oblivious to his presence as she took off the lid of the chicken dish and inserted a spoon to taste it.
Her resulting delighted moan made him cross the short distance to her, as she held up the spoon for Agnes to have a taste too.
“This is delicious, but you tell me whether I got it right.”
“Let me be the judge of that.” Atlan grasped her wrist while he licked the spoon, and Evie jumped.
“Jesus, don’t do that. Where have you come from?”
Her eyes widened, her pupils dilating when he took the spoon off her, dropped it on the worktop, and proceeded to kiss her palm.
“I’ve been standing there a while, admiring the view.” He dropped his gaze slowly down to her front, satisfied beyond all reason to see her breathing increase. Her nipples formed into little hard nubs, clearly visible through the fabric of her dress, and he let his fangs run out.
Evie’s lips parted, and it took every ounce of self-control he possessed to not crush her to him and to kiss her senseless.
Instead, he forced himself to let go of her hand and, turning slightly, address Agnes.
“The food is delicious as always, Agnes, thank you.”
The lines on Agnes’s face deepened as she beamed back at him.
“Oh, I just directed. Evie wanted to help, so she did most of the work. Your girl is a natural in the kitchen.”
Evie’s expressive eyes widened further at being called his girl. Atlan knew he ought to correct that statement, but fuck him if that didn’t sound right. Evie was his girl. He knew that, deep down in his bones. Had known it from the first time he’d seen her, and that instinctive knowledge had only further imprinted itself in the very fabric of his being with every taste of her blood, every sweet moan of her surrender, every scream of pleasure he’d wrung from her.
He would have to let her go, he knew that too, but right now here in this moment in his kitchen, with mere inches separating them, all he could think of was tasting her again.
“Good to know. Take a plate for yourself and Joseph, and leave us be, would you? I’ll ring if we need you again tonight.”
Evie’s sharp intake of breath made him smile, as did Agnes’s murmured acknowledgment. The speed with which she helped herself to two portions would have done any vampire proud, and before he knew it they were alone in his kitchen. Atlan tugged his precious angel closer to him, so close that her tits pressed into his chest and her breaths warmed his skin.
“Atlan, I… Are you hungry?”
Her breathless question shot straight to his dick, and that organ punched forward with such speed it was rather a surprise he had any blood left in his body anywhere else.
“I am, but not for food, my angel.” Her mouth formed a silent O even as she drew closer to him, instinctively tilting her head to give him better access. He bent his head to scrape his fangs along the sensitive flesh there, and his girl shivered in his arms. Her hands fisted in the back of his shirt and drew him closer to her soft body, and he once again marveled at how perfectly she fit against him. As though she was made just for him.
“What are you hungry for, Sir?” She whispered the question into his ear. Instead of answering her, Atlan spun her around, kicked her legs apart, and bent her over the worktop while he ran one hand under her skirt. He growled low in his throat when he encountered the damp barrier of her knickers.
“Hmm, I’m not the only one who’s hungry. You’re soaking wet for me already, you naughty girl.” Atlan ran his finger under the elastic of her underwear and along the seam of her labia until he found the little hard nub he was looking for. A cock-hardening moan came from his angel when he circled that needy button and then sunk two fingers into her wet heat.
“Please, I…god, don’t stop, please.”
She whimpered and pushed her ass into his groin, as he increased the speed and depth of penetration of his digits inside her delectable cunt. Her responsiveness was such a fucking turn-on as he grasped the neckline of her dress and pulled it down to expose her large tits. They fell free, swung from side to side with the involuntary movements she was making as her arousal built and she rode his fingers.
“That’s my girl. How badly do you want my cock inside this greedy pussy? Tell me.”
He rocked his groin into her ass while he finger-fucked her faster, harder, and her incoherent moans increased. Her essence soaked his fingers. Her cunt muscles clamped around his digits, and her hips went wild, as she sought that release she so desperately wanted.

“Tell me, girl, or this all stops now.”

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