Sunday, 18 June 2017

#SexySnippets with one hot cat

#SexySnippets time


Cat and Dylan

in their story,

Cat with the Blue Eyes

(which is out on Tuesday 20th June)

It’s not easy being among wild cat shifters, when you’re simply human. Especially, when you’re trying to keep your supposed mate at arm’s length.
Catlin Creamer isn’t buying into this destiny nonsense. What does that even mean?
Dylan MacSween might be her every fantasy on legs, but she will not be subjugated by any man, let alone an Alpha like him.
Give him a pack to rule any time. Wooing a female like Cat is a complete step into the unknown. However, this Alpha knows what he wants, and he wants his mate.
Persuading her might take some time, but when his leadership is challenged, Cat proves herself more than worthy as his life partner.

And your seven sentences

The cat next to her smiled…if that’s what you called the baring of canines, shook and morphed into a hot as hades male. One she’d sworn off ages ago.
 He was bad enough as a cat—as a human, a naked human, he was ten times worse.
Dylan MacSween stretched and her mouth went dry.

God he was magnificent. Long tawny tresses with those gold and dark streaks in them, just like his fur when he’d shifted. A torso sprinkled with short strands of gold and black, which arrowed downward to where dark, wiry, hair made a nest for his, she had to admit, rather magnificent cock. To say she drooled was an understatement.

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