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#MidWeekTease and a touch of shifting in the Trossachs #blastfromthepast

Hi again... inhales the coffee it's #MidWeekTease time again.

I had a book out yesterday, but I'm not going to hit you with that one again. Instead I'm giving you a blast from the past.


Well I was sorting through my eReader last night, and came across The Author's Challenge, one of my paranormal BDSM stories set in the Trossachs in Scotland.

I don't think I've read it since just after it came out, so it was like a new story to me. And I so enjoyed it.

So I'm sharing from there today.

Jenissa Wolfe is in love with her best friend’s brother. A man who seems to live in the books he writes. Even if he was to notice her, how do you explain that you’re a Domme. Needing to be in charge is as important to Jenissa as breathing, not to mention the small fact that she is also a wolf shifter, and has mind reading abilities, among other things.
Rob Mackintosh yearns to give up control to the right person.  When Jenissa, the very woman inhabiting his erotic dreams, admits she is a Domme and interested in him, he cannot believe his luck.
As they explore their dynamics Rob falls hard for his ma’am.
His love is put to the test however, when he learns of the secrets Jenissa has been keeping from him.

Can he forgive his ma’am and move on, or is that the true challenge?

And your #MidWeekTease

"I think you want a sub who is happy to experiment," he said. Where the hell did that come from? Nevertheless, he was certain it was true. "But one who will be open and honest with you. I don't know if it is me. How can I, when I'm so bloody clueless?"
He gripped her hand tightly. Did she know what he meant? For a writer, he was crap at explaining things that were important. "But, well, I want to see what you want."
"Take the pain?"
"Er…" Tingles ran up his spine. Why the hell was his mouth dry, his skin tight, and his mind open and eager? Pain? What the…? He fucking hated pain. When he'd hit his nail with a hammer, Rob had cried like a baby. "Pain? As in, how?"
He stared as she stood up and faced him. "Shall I show you?" Her demeanor was somber, but somehow he could see the excitement that radiated from her. How, he had no idea, but he was sure that was what it was. So, to her, pain was more than, well…he searched his mind, and all he could come up with was—pain.  Pathetic. You're supposed to be a writer for fuck's sake.
It was mind-making-up time.
"Show me." This time, his voice was strong, and he was certain she'd understand he meant it. His mouth might be dry and his skin prickly. However, Rob recognized the signs as excitement. So did his prick, which was throbbing with the need to come. Oh, he was apprehensive. Who wouldn't be, at the thought of what the next few minutes might bring? But he was certain he needed to find out. "Jen, I really do want and need to know. I want to discover who and what I am." All of a sudden, he realized just how true his words were. "What we are," he added firmly. "Pain and all, if you think it's what we need."
Jenissa's eyes flashed. He was sure sparks jumped and then danced over her head, and settled in her eyes once more. She nodded. "I really think you mean that. Hold out your hand."
He obeyed with alacrity, his body throbbing with anticipation.
She picked up the crop and brought it down over his palm. It stung like hell and he yelped like a kid. "Fuck, that stings."
"Stings, yes. No more. Now imagine it harder on your ass."
 Rob moaned. It was erotic and cum-inducing.
"Sting after sting that morphs from pain, into pleasure, into sweet pleasure."
She swished the crop in the air. Rob flinched as it missed his ear by an inch. She smiled.
"I'm considered to be master with a crop and a whip. If I intend to miss, be assured I will. Mind you, if I intend to hit"—she hit the bench between them—"I will. The sensation will ensure you'll fly and soar and float with it. One day. Maybe."
"Definitely." He was so sure of it. "But what about you? What will you get from it?"
"The perfect knowledge I've given my sub what he or she needs and craves. The chance to just be. To be able to give up everything and let me care for them. Once you hit sub space, you'll realize how perfect it is, and how much you need it."
"But you," Rob persisted. "You don't get sub space? How does it help you? It seems a bit one-sided."
"I can only talk for myself, you know? I don't know what it does for other Dominants, but for me? I get a high, a tingle, a rush of adrenaline and anticipation of what I'm doing for my sub. I call it Domme space. It's my need."
Rob didn't think he'd ask her if it made sex even better. Hopefully, one day, he’d find out.
"I now have a need to learn what pleasure-pain is."
 "As I said, maybe." Jenissa leaned sideways and touched her tongue to his lips. He opened them and she kissed him deeply, but briefly, before drawing back and tracing the outline of his mouth with one blood-red nail.
"I am a Domme. Like I hope I've explained, that means for me, I need to direct, to be in charge and say what will be. I like to flog, to see my marks on my sub’s skin, knowing we both wanted them to be there. To use my gift—because to me, what I am is a gift—to make my subs quiver and fly."
Never mind the “fly” bit, Rob was quivering. The way she spoke, her voice husky and commanding, was the biggest fucking turn-on ever. All of a sudden, he understood what his gut feeling meant. He wanted to do as she demanded. To serve her and make her happy.
 "I'm told I am a Master," she continued, "or maybe that should be Mistress, of wax play. To watch the wax collect and hesitate at the tip of the candle, and then to slowly fall where I choose. To savor the moment and the mewls and sighs of my chosen one as I create sweet patterns on their skin, watch his or her eyes dilate and their skin shimmer and ripple with ecstasy, well, it's beautiful."
Rob nigh on salivated. The pictures she painted in his mind were both arousing and amazing.
"And"—she sighed—"I very much think my pussy might have closed up from lack of use."
How could he answer that?
"Er." What should he call her? "Jenissa, Mistress? No, that sounds too Regency romance for me." Dammit, I hope she accepts that I mean no offence. This “I want to sub” is fraught with difficulties.
She smiled, and this time it did reach her eyes. To Rob, it was as if someone had removed a veil from between them and once more he could see her clearly.
"I know you mean no offence. But, really? There's no difficulty. You're thinking it through. That's as it should be." Jenissa took his hand and tugged him to his feet. "You know what you want, what you are. You just have to own up to it."

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