Wednesday, 23 November 2016

#MidWeekTease with wet dreams and and an uneasy conscience

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Raig helped out on rides and stalls, fended off a very drunk twenty-something pneumatic blonde who wanted to ‘see what it’s like with a bit of rough’, and broke up a fight between two alcohol-fueled teenagers who both intended to take the same girl on the waltzer. All on a usually quiet Monday night. He wondered if it was something in the water and said as much to Jonny, who smirked and replied, “Vodka.”
That gave him his first laugh for a while. He wiped bright red lipstick off one cheek and rubbed the other, where he was fairly sure he’d have a bruise before long. One of the vodka boys had got in a hefty punch before he’d quieted him down.
He sat in his trailer, a beer in his hand, with Phil and Jonny sitting opposite, both cuddling their own bottles, and pondered. Was he doing the right thing? It would mean his life was going to dramatically change, no going back. Was it worth it? Hell yes, no doubts there. Was it going to be easy? Definitely not. In all probability it more likely would cause trouble and repercussions. Then, he was a great believer nothing of any worth was easily gained.
“Earth to Raig. What’re you thinking? Hello, we’re here.”
Oh shit. “Sorry, miles away. Big things on my mind.”
Jonny sniggered. “What a thing to say about Vairi, she’s only a little thing. Not a big

Phil laughed.
Raig managed not to scowl, not to snap, and to keep a bland look on his face by the skin of his teeth.
“Fu-nny,” he replied. “Like your face the way it is, do you?”
“Oh, he’s got it bad.” Jonny looked at Phil, who said nothing, and back to Raig, who knew his poker face was rapidly dissolving into one with more unpleasant emotions showing.
“Fuck, Raig, sorry,” Jonny said contritely. “Pretty please leave my baby face the way it is.”
Raig smiled, shamefaced, and nodded. “I know I’m like a kid who’s had his computer game smashed, but I’m a bit jittery at the moment.” That was the understatement of the century .
“Well, I could say take yourself in hand like a lot of us have to, but don’t suppose that’s what you want to hear, is it?” Jonny winked. “Not really,” he added with a grin.
Raig laughed in spite of himself and shook his head. Hadn’t he been thinking he might have to do that very thing?
It wasn’t much later before Phil and Jonny left to go to their own trailers. During the days the fair was open, no one was up that long after they had shut down for the night. There was always the knowledge of the work that needed done early the following morning. He checked emails and texts and made sure his plans were taking shape as he wanted and there didn’t seem to be any problems before he flopped wearily into bed.
He dreamed. Vairi sat cross-legged on the bed next to him. Her hair curled around her shoulders and down her back and a long, thin, floaty, multicolored dress covered her from neck to ankles. Her eyes were lackluster and tired, her face sad. ‘See what you’ve done to me? Made me feel like this? You’ve destroyed my faith, Raig. I liked you, I really liked you. More than I thought possible. The way we could laugh, the way you made me feel when you touched me. I felt special. I even forgot the age difference. I really thought I might just change my mind about love. No need now, I know I was right.’
‘No!’ Raig shouted as she got off the bed and walked out. ‘No, you’re wrong. No. No, please stay...stay... Noooooo.’
He woke up sweating with the word ‘no’ echoing in his ears and looked at the clock. Half past five. There wasn’t a cat in hell’s chance he’d get back to sleep now. 

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  1. What a troubling dream. Great scenario!

  2. Loved the interaction that set up his subconscious to have such an unsettling dream. I can really tell what a sensitive guy he is!

  3. Great interaction. Love your snippet

  4. Fabulous tease, Raven :-)