Wednesday, 2 November 2016

#MidWeekTease where Raig teases Vairi

“Oh, my love, one day I hope I’ll have you spread out and tied down for me so you have to look and enjoy,” he said huskily, “but today, I need to let you realise you can trust. Okay?”
She nodded.
“Vocalise, please, love.”
 “Eh?’ Vairi sounded startled. “Oh er yeah sure. It’s all good.”
“Thank the gods,” Raig said heartfelt. “For I tell you this, if those magic fingers of your touch me again, I’ll come before I start. This is experience, not touch for you. Lie there for me; let me feast my eyes on your amazing body, while you feel all those sensations running through you. Tell me what you feel, how you feel, what you like. Let me know how you would like me to touch you, let me learn all I can about you.”
Her voice was thin and reedy. “Can I watch?”
“Soon.” He promised as he got back on the bed, the mattress dipping as he straddled her and took one hard nipple into his mouth and suckled.
She moaned in enjoyment.
“You like that?” He treated the other nipple to the same attention as she nodded.
“It’s like you’re sending awareness straight to my clit,” she replied frankly. “I want more. Touch and taste, Rake; let me show you how you make me feel. Fill me, so I can discover what it is like to feel you deep inside me.”
Raig trailed a series of tiny kisses down her body before he blew softly on her overheated pussy.
Sheesh that is…” She stopped speaking as her body clenched and relaxed. “hmm, mm…..mmmmm.” Her voice trailed off into a sound like a happy puppy.
“Oh, I’ll do more than that, my Vairi,” he vowed. “Open your eyes if you want and watch.”
Obviously she wanted. She opened them. He knew all the passion he felt showed in his eyes and hoped she could recognise it for what it was. He moved back onto his haunches to reach her clit and suck. She arched of the bed and into him.
“I’m going to come,” Vairi said in a staccato burst of words. “Got to. Now…”
He agreed. “Eventually, but not yet. Listen well. You will not come until I say so, now will you?”
“Eh? Oh shit, I…”
“Won’t come until I say so.”
He made sure there was no room for doubt in his voice. Understand, love.” He nipped and nibbled around her belly button as he slid a finger into her. “You’ll be screaming my name before long, love. Loud, very loud. I’m going to fill you over and over. Spill my seed into you, come so hard, and make you do the same. But not until I say so. Are you hot and ready for me?”
She told him. Bluntly and vehemently. “For fuck’s sake, I’m so ready I’m buzzing. Without anything electrical to sound the buzz.”
Huh? Oh, he got it. “No need for a vibrator; I’ll vibrate you.”
“Good. Well, please do it then. I’ve held back as well as I can, but shit, Raig, I’m wet with wanting. Come into me and in me. Now.” Her legs moved restlessly, opening wide, her body lifting to him in welcome, as if desperate to touch him, to feel his touch in return. Her hands with their ties arched in supplication in his direction. Only the knowledge that he needed to be deep inside her before he came and when she fell, kept him at arm’s length.
“Please, Raig.”
“Oh, I please. Hell, do I.” He smoothed a condom on quickly, then allowed the tip of his cock to nudge her clit before he edged slowly into her. “Ah, My Vairi, so warm and welcoming.” He gave a sudden push and felt her open and welcome his pulsing cock deep inside her. 

“Jeez, Raig that is so good.” She was panting as he moved in and out, setting up a rhythm that they both danced to. His fingers were so clever; they nipped and teased her nipples as she writhed and moaned at the feelings he created for her. She joined him in his rhythm and helped him to move deeper, more surely into her pussy channel. Even though they were tied together, she could still move forward, the loop of material linking her hands giving her a chance to hook it around his neck and pull him down toward her. Raig moved willingly as they danced in unison, their rhythm as old as time. His movements confident and true, definite and positive as he filled her, his dexterous fingers touching and caressing either her nipples or her clit.
This was more than fucking, was so much more than mere sex; he hoped she realized that.

“Shit, Raig, now. Please, please now.” Vairi screamed when her climax overtook her, and Raig could only join her as they were flung into a vortex so powerful he had no idea how or where it would end. Dimly, he heard his shout echo hers, as he met her in that state of satiation. He heard his groan of ecstasy and completion and knew he had experienced what she had. Knew things would never be the same again.

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