Wednesday, 24 August 2016

#MidWeekTease where Harry asks Lydia a very important question #TeamHarry

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Where we tease and hopefully tantalise you with a few paragraphs of a book or WIP.

This week I got my lovely cover, title and blurb for my latest Regency which is up for preorder 
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Seducing the wallflower…
Over the years, Lydia Field has perfected the art of being a wallflower. It’s the only way to avoid the attention of unwanted suitors – and the perils of a convenient, loveless marriage! Instead, she dreams of the day she can leave London’s high society behind her, trading the glamorous balls and afternoon teas for a quiet life in the country.
But in an unguarded moment, she finds herself catching the eye of notorious rake ‘Handsome Harry’, Lord Birnham. Now that he’s glimpsed the wildness and fire that lurks beneath Lydia’s demure exterior, Lord Birnham will not rest until he has unleashed the full extent of her passion!

For if there’s one skill that Lord Birnham is known for, it’s the art of persuasion…

And your #MidWeekTease...

‘Why people think you are sweet and effacing, I can not fathom. You are anything but, aren’t you?’
Lydia glanced around to make sure no one else was in earshot. As most people were either on the dance floor, gossiping in groups or at the card tables in another salon, the room was almost empty. ‘I want to be seen to be all of those things. I do not want to be part of all this.’ She waved her hand towards the ballroom. ‘I can’t do much else for my parents other than be seen as a disappointment to them, and therefore intend to cause no, or only a small scandal when I retire in a week or so. It will be “Those poor Fields, but it’s all for the better. Lydia was never going to catch the eye of a gentleman so she’s in the best place for her. Now the Fields can enjoy life without worrying what to do with her.” No one will actually enquire where I am. Or if they do will be told something innocuous.’ She took another sip of wine and looked at Harry over the rim of the heavy crystal goblet. He sat back in the chair next to her, his long legs stretched out in front of him and eyed her closely.
‘What? Do I have wine on my gown or a spider in my hair?’
He shook his head. ‘I can not believe how well you have deceived everyone, including me. Life will be interesting from now on.’
 Why? Lydia decided not to ask him. She put her glass down and stood up. ‘I best go back to the ballroom before my mama realises I’m gone.’
 ‘Oh she’ll have realised,’ Harry said, ‘but also seen you were with me and accepted it,’ he finished shrewdly. ‘But by all means run away.’
 Lydia glowered at him and curtseyed. ‘Thank you, my lord. There is no need for me to run. A brisk walk with be sufficient.’ His shout of laughter made her sit down again with a thump.
 Damned infuriating man.
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  1. Looks like they're going to be fun together.

  2. Great snippet, Raven. And I love that cover!

  3. He's got her sussed out. Love, love, love the cover :)

  4. Oh Raven I can't wait to read this!!

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  6. Great banter! I wonder what she's done to bring such ruin on herself. I'll have to pick it up and find out!