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#MidWeekTease ... Finally His.... to take, to devour, to mark...

I wish...

Because this week I have the fabulous Doris O'Connor with me and an exclusive, yeah , exclusive excerpt from her brilliant hot, spine tingling in the best possible way book out today.

So its fizz time...

Oh and your #MidWeekTease

Hello peeps, Doris here, all over excited like, because it’s release day for Finally His, and the lovely Raven let me take over her blog for the MidWeekTease.
So, without further ado, I give you Richard and Jolie…in negotiation as it were…

Her whispered question made his grin deepen, and pulling back slightly he studied her face intently.
Yes, I do very much like it when you call me that, little one.”
Before she could process any of that, he closed the remaining distance between them and kissed her. The press of his warm lips across hers caused a jolt of need to go through her system. He licked along the seam of her mouth, gently coaxing her to open up to him. When she did he immediately deepened the kiss, taking possession of her mouth in such a way that left her in no doubt of his feelings. This wasn’t just a kiss, it was a brand, a claim, a promise of so much else that she could only submit to his will. The distant sound of the lift alarm going off registered seconds before he tore his lips off of hers, swore softly, and hit the button to get the lift moving again.
Her boss didn’t look at her, and she couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his mind. That he wanted her, of that there was no doubt, and hells bells, Jolie was all but all ready to let him have his wicked way with her right here in the lift. Her knickers were soaked through with her arousal, and the ache in her pussy told its own story.
He’s your boss. This is not going to end well.
The little voice of reason in her head annoyed the hell out of her right now, and with Richard’s back still turned to her, she did her best to right her disheveled appearance somewhat. Nothing she could do about her kiss swollen lips and her flushed appearance, but she could at least attempt to sort her hair. With a frown at that unholy mess, she took what was left of her bun and let her hair fall free.
Richard’s sharp intake of breath made her look across to him. He was watching her in the mirrors surrounding them, and the open admiration she saw in his eyes made her feel ten times better.
You should leave your hair down more often, little one. You’re beautiful.”
He frowned at her immediate snort in response, and for the second time since they stepped into the lift, she didn’t dare breathe, as he swung round to glare at her.
Right now, he looked every inch the pissed off Dom, and lord help her, if that wasn’t the biggest turn-on yet.
Don’t even think of disagreeing with me, girl. Or, so help me, the minute I get you on your own, your luscious ass will learn what happens when you do.”
Jolie couldn’t help her gasp in answer, and Richard smiled.
I see we understand each other, little one.”
The lift doors opened before she could respond, and when he waited for her to exit first, and then placed his hand in the small of her back, while he said good night to the security guard at the front desk. Jolie could only follow where he led.
When they reached the underground car park, and his sleek, top of the range BMW, Richard released her. She shivered in the coolness of the garage, and he immediately rubbed his hands up and down her arms.
Where is your car, little one?” he asked.
I took the bus this morning, Sir.”  Her heart flipped over at the flash of heat in his eyes when she called him that. “My car is in for repairs. I had a rear shunt last week, and it caused a fair amount of damage.”
You did? I don’t recall you taking time off? Are you okay?” The way he ran his hands up her arms until he could cradle her neck meant she shivered for an entirely different reason, and the far too arousing path of his slightly calloused digits stopped. Her back made contact with the cool metal of his car as he crowded her against the vehicle. Sir, she had to call him that even in her head, leaned in and inhaled sharply next to her ear.
I’m fine, Sir. I had a headache, that’s all, and I didn’t think you’d have noticed me not being there.” Another sharp inhale which meant she closed her eyes and did the same thing. Really, though, he smelled so good. A hint of spicy cologne, mixed in with the brandy he kept in his office, and the warm essence of aroused male. A heavy aphrodisiac indeed, a far too potent mixture, which meant she told that little voice of reason in her head to take a fucking hike.
He’d said whatever happened between them would not affect her position at work, and she would take him at face value. Besides, if she didn’t give in to the need pulsing through her, she might just combust.
Sir pulled back slightly, and the intensity in his gaze held her spellbound.
I always know exactly where you are in the office, sweet little Jolie.”
This was news to her, and she knew she was doing goldfish impressions with her mouth, but, really?
You do?” After what seemed like an eternity but could only have been seconds, she managed to croak out those two words, and her boss smiled.
Encouraged by this she blurted out the next bit without thinking.
I thought you didn’t notice me at all. I mean, I know I’m not your type, and … oh.”
Before she could complete that sentence, he had spun her around and pushed her face first down on the bonnet of his car. Two hard swats to her ass followed, and Jolie groaned, when he massaged the sting away with his large hands.
There, that’s just a sample of what I’ll do to you, if you keep on disrespecting yourself like that.”
I wasn’t, I just … ow.”
Another two, far harder swats left her ass on fire, and tears sprang into her eyes when he pulled her up by her hair. He immediately gentled his hold on her when he noticed and a flicker of uncertainty crossed his harsh features.
Forgive me. You make me forget all the rules. I don’t know your limits, and I really shouldn’t … fuck.”
He released her completely and stepping away ran an unsteady hand through his hair.
It’s okay, Sir, you haven’t done anything wrong, and my limits are simple, really. I’m willing to try most things, apart from something that causes permanent marks, and a big fat red, ‘no, I cut your balls off’, to humiliation, water sports, blood, needle, or knife play.” Her cheeks heated as she blurted that all out, and her boss’s tight shoulders relaxed visibly.
The imp in her couldn’t help but add.
And I sure never in a million years would have thought I’d ever have this discussion in a car park, let alone thought I’d have it with my boss.”

​​A nice hot, forbidden fling with her boss…what can possibly go wrong?

Jolie Pierson has lusted after her hot as hades boss forever, so when he finally takes notice of her, she can’t help but melt at his dominance. Besides, it would be rude to not give him a present on his birthday.

Richard Tomlin never dates the women at his office. However, when he realizes the sinfully curvy red head he’s been struggling to keep his hands off for ages is submissive…the gloves are off. This woman makes him forget all the rules and brings out his primitive instincts—to take, to devour, to mark her as his until everyone knows she belongs to him.

Jolie was ready to accept just one night of hot kinky sex, but when Richard pulls the boss card the very next morning, everything changes—she’s finally his.

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Thanks again, Raven and do stay naughty, folks.

D xxx


  1. Thanks again for letting me hijack, Raven :-D x

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  4. This bodes well. That blurting would have sounded odd in the circumstance, but I'm glad she knows her limits.