Friday, 12 August 2016

TGIF...with Whine ... er wine...

Wine, whine and well… wine. (It’s a woman thing)

It’s a well, why not sort of post today. (sheesh a lot of ‘W’ eh?) You see the lovely Doris O’Connor is visiting and well we have wine taken. (so excuse the typos) And gin as well but this is a w(h)iny post.
There’s nothing nicer than having someone to er shall we say chew the fat with. The fact that some of the fat is particularly chewy and downright unpalatable is well, something we can discuss er whine about.
Everyone needs someone to whom they can er discuss things. Be it bloody-minded hubbies, the price of a bottle of wine, or how they have changed the type of nuts in your favourite chocolate bar. Why your editor doesn’t understand you—luckily not something either of us have to worry about, and how a certain reviewer has told you, you don’t understand her. (We all have something like that I guess?)
So anyway we have wine taken. Someone is having a right old whine on social media and we are at the whispering (okay talking loudly) stage, and rolling our eyes.
The moral of this rambling?
Do not bitch, whine or moan on social media about things that, let’s face it are part of life. Accept that not everyone likes you likes you, your writing, clothes sense, family or choice of TV programme.

Let’s celebrate being individuals and enjoy the wine (no H)
Or Whisky (no E)And wave our knickers in the air (St Cecelia who I went to school with lol)
Happy Reading,
Love Raven x


  1. *hic* that's all 😂

  2. Here here! I so agree with you! While I might vent about things on occasion when somethings gone wrong, it's usually health related. Otherwise, I do my best to keep it positive.