Wednesday, 17 August 2016

#MidWeekTease with Ravenna Tate and The Alpha's Taboo Mate

#MidWeekTease time...

And I have a tease from the gorgeous, talented Ravenna Tate today and her latest book, 

The Alpha's Taboo Mate

Alpha lynx shifter Canyon Benedict has always known Fiera Kent was his mate. When leopard shifter Hawke Medina tries to claim her, in order to use her as leverage to gain control of the Kent fortune, Canyon takes matters into his own hands. But even after he and Fiera are officially mated, the threat from the Medina family is far from over.

Fiera has loved Canyon from the time she was a child, and is thrilled when he sneaks her away to his family’s secret cabin across the river so they can be mated. But Hawke won’t let it go. Canyon and his father eventually discover illegal business practices that uncover the Medina family’s web of deceit and lies affecting their entire village.

But is it enough? Will Canyon have to fight Hawke to determine which alpha can finally claim Fiera for life?

and your tease...

Canyon bent down and kissed her again, gently working his lips over hers until Fiera was so focused on the kiss and the heady sensation it sent coursing through her body, she didn’t realize his cock was finally inside her. There was no pain now, only a fullness that sent shockwaves of desire out to her fingers and toes.
Oh, yes. That’s it.” When Canyon began to move, Fiera threw back her head and moaned loudly as the most exquisite pleasure flooded her senses. “You’re mine now, Fiera. No one can take you from me. We’re bonded forever!”
As his fangs came down on the left side of her neck, she cried out in pleasure and pain. The searing burn lasted only a second. After it subsided all she could do was ride the wave as another climax began to build. She’d never had two orgasms in a row before. The emotions racing through her were so strong she wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. She’d never been this happy, or felt so complete.
 Fiera … I can barely hold on…”
To increase the friction on her clit, she arched her hips closer to him. When her second climax began, Canyon cried out loudly and his thrusting grew so swift she couldn’t match his rhythm. All she could do was lie there while the contractions from her orgasm spread through her once more, and he fucked her like a runaway train.
This was the most erotic, exquisite sensation she’d ever experienced, and she never wanted it to end. Her pussy was sore now, but she didn’t care. Sweat pooled on their bodies where they touched. Canyon’s hair hung against her chest, damp and soft. She clung to it as he finished with loud grunts.
While she squeezed her pussy walls around his shaft to milk every last delicious contraction she could, he lay over her, breathing heavily. The bite throbbed now, but she was proud of it. It marked her as belonging to Canyon. They were mated, and no one in any pack could undo what had just been done.

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