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Welcome to a brand new year of #MidWeekTease where Kristin lets Flynn take charge...

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As ever I have the rather nice dilemma of what to tease you with. New or old? Do I look back and remember or look forward and wonder?

In the end I tossed a coin.

So here you are, a tease from The Dommes of Ballingal, which will be available form SirenBookstrand on 20th January.


Kristin McCrory would never in a million years have thought her ex-husband would show up on Ballingal and profess his need to sub for her. Flynn is the ultimate stubborn Alpha male, and his refusal to even discuss her need to be in charge had already cost them their marriage. That, and his apparent need to seek out the most dangerous place to report on in his work as a television documentary reporter.

However, the Flynn she knew is not the Flynn who stands before her now. This Flynn is a broken man and she can’t just turn him away. As an Empath and mind reader, Kristin can sense his emotional and physical pain. It means Kristin feels even more drawn to the man she loves, and their connection is as strong as ever.

Love is worth fighting for after all, and Flynn finds new strength in his submission.

and your tease...

"Come here." Damned if his voice wasn't quite as authoritative as he would like.
"I am here."
He should know she might cede power, but she would never make it easy. He remembered one of her favorite sayings was 'achievement needs to be worked at'. Well dammit she would achieve her climax and he would work at it.
"Put you legs over me, my Lady. So you're over my chest. Don't sit down." Maybe it was divine retribution, Karma biting his bum or whatever, but Flynn knew he was incapable of moving more than the bare minimum. His latest scar was throbbing like a bitch, and the old one seemed to be about to join in the party. "Please," he added, trying not to interject a pleading tone to the word.
"Balach, you're in charge," Kristin swung over him as if it was something she did every day. Maybe she did. Flynn had no way of knowing. He wasn't going to ask her and he was too weary even to gather the red hot searing jealousy that filled him to use to move his aching limbs.
"Now what, my balach?" She crouched over his chest, her hands held loosely at her side.
In for a penny. Or is that in for a pussy?
"Bring your pussy level with my mouth. Let me taste you. Play with your tits, My Lady, help me make you come." Was it too much too soon? They'd played like it before. Lots of 69, muff diving and deep throating, which Flynn thought they'd both enjoyed. However even if he was in charge, was it right? He'd never ever worried so much about positions, prowess, or perfection before.
"Oh, Flynn, I thought you'd never ask," Kristin purred the words and stretched her arms above her in a way that was reminiscent of an elegant feline. She smiled, and narrowed her eyes. "Like this?" With the slow grace he admired she took hold of a nipple in each hand and as he watched tightened her grip on the hard nubs. Then somehow she rose slightly and moved until her labia was a scant half inch over his mouth. The wet lips glistened with his cum and her arousal, and the scent of their hot sexual heat filled the air around him.
"Lower." His voice was husky with desire. In one corner of his mind, Flynn registered his cock had begun to perk up. Then he stopped thinking altogether as her pussy lips met his tongue. Flynn nibbled around her clit, and felt her stiffen over him. He looked up at her to see her tighten her grip on her nipples, and her tongue circle her mouth.
"So, so good, my balach."
With a mouth full of clit, he couldn’t answer, and had to hope his grunted response was understood. Flynn lifted his hands to grasp Kristen's hips and moved his mouth lower until his tongue edged into her pussy hole. Then he sucked. She arched back, and screamed. His cock twitched and lifted up from his groin as in in a silent plea. Even as he sucked and nibbled and watched his lady splinter and fall apart Flynn made a promise to himself.  Soon.
Kristin sobbed as she shuddered and gasped. Flynn didn't stop his ministrations until she stiffened and screamed again. "Oh, enough, oh my fates…" She grabbed his ears and held on tight. "Stop."
Even in his less than coherent state Flynn remembered that from before. He stopped, even though very nerve screamed in protest. He wanted, needed more, it was cruel it was inhuman, it was… it was his Domme in charge.

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