Wednesday, 21 January 2015


What a week, two acceptances and a book out... All over excited...

Now what shall I tease you with eh?

How about this...

She rummaged in the fridge and found the ingredients to make paella. If Jamie didn't like seafood he could have a quiche. The garlic made her pause for a second, but not to put it in, on the off chance of getting close up and personal, was stupid. It was work, not play of any kind. However, just thinking about playing with Jamie, Master Jamie, made her knickers wet. Eva gave into temptation, put the paella in the bottom, simmering oven of the Aga and took herself upstairs for a short and fast session with her bullet. It took three climaxes before she was sobbing and spent and slumped limply on the bed. The memories of his crop on her ass, and the tight nipple clamps he attached to her nubs, and linked them with a chain he attached to her clit and pulled on to apply pain, featured in most of her wet dreams and climax inducing fantasies. This had been no exception. Her pussy was soaked and her juices coated her thighs and the fingers she'd used to help her bullet, and increase stimulation. The pulse between her cunt and ass throbbed hard and with each beat, more of her juices spurted out. She hadn't come so hard, or needed to, for many a long month. Work had been so demanding the nearest she'd had to a wet dream had been falling asleep in the bath.
Now, with the reappearance of Jamie, it seemed that her libido roared back with a vengeance. She could only hope it stayed that way, and every climax wasn't a solo one. Eva got off the bed and went to shower. Something niggled her. Why hasn't he recognized me as his sub from that night? Logically there was no reason why. When she'd taught him her hair was in a tight, neat bun, and she seemed to remember, dyed blonde for some strange reason. In the club, it had been long and black—she'd forgotten how often she changed hair color—and tied up in a tight plait. Not only that, she'd called herself Clara, her middle name. Not Eva, Evelyn or the diminutive Evita, which she loved. Athol Donaldson, one of the Doms had laughed at her. "Clara, Evita, who's to know why? You'll be sub, subbie or whatever your Dom decides.


Having a relationship with your boss is never easy, especially when it involves kink. Jamie might need to salute Rosie and call her Ma'am at work, but when it's just the two of them, he is Master to his puss.
They are determined to make their unusual situation work, but, first they have to solve the case of the shady next door neighbors.

(Evernight Publishing, February 2015)

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  1. Great tease and congrats on all the good news!

  2. Another awesome tease Raven! Congrats on your new release and looking forward to His Boss Her Dom!!

  3. Great tease! You are having a good week. Congratulations on all the wonderful news. (:

  4. Good tease, Raven, and congrats on all the good news! :)

  5. Holy cow, woman! Now you've got everyone just as excited as you, wink. Congrats on all the book awesomeness in your world this week! xoxo

  6. Fabulous tease, and I'm squeeing with you with all the good news. Very well deserved news too :-)