Sunday, 25 January 2015

#SexySnippets ..."Such handy, everyday items you can find when you look,"

Hi all, Well I hadn't expected to do my #SexySnippets from this book, this week, but I was given the option of it coming out on 27th January instead of next month...

So here we are, His Boss, Her Dom, and a hint into the lives of Jamie and Eva


Having a relationship with your boss is never easy, especially when it involves kink. Jamie might need to salute Eva and call her Ma'am at work, but when it's just the two of them, he is Master to his puss.

They are determined to make their unusual situation work, but, first they have to solve the case of the shady next door neighbors.

And your #SexySnippets...

"Such handy, everyday items you can find when you look," Jamie said, and stroked each globe of her ass. He pulled the back of her thong hard and up into the crack and did a seesaw movement with it. It really did feel like the proverbial cheese grater. Luckily he stopped before she decided it was sawing her in half.
"What a beautiful sight, seeing you spread out like that. I wonder, puss, if you can lift away from the settee just enough for me to reach your tits? Try for me."
Bloody hell, does he think I'm a contortionist?


His Boss, Her Dom will be available from on 27th January
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  1. I bet she managed to become one ;-) Great snippet Raven.

  2. Loved this snippet, Raven. Ah, yes the joy of everyday objects. Invention is the key. Appologies I
    couldn't comment yesterday.