Tuesday, 20 January 2015

#TantalizingTuesday The visit. "I've put it off long enough..."

Hi, happy Tuesday everyone.

I haven't participated for ages, as I couldn't find a photo to inspire me. This did.

( source, pinterest)

"We don't have to do this. Change your mind and I won't think less of you." He stroked her cheek and kissed her nose tenderly.
"I'll think less of me. I want to do it. I've put it off long enough. They need to know. If they aren't happy, it's their loss not ours."
She rang the doorbell. The noise echoed inside the house and she counted, imagining the route the occupants would take. Out of the chair across the lounge, along the hallway.
Fumble with the bolt.
There was a scraping noise.
Push it open, turn the key and open…
The door swung wide.
"Honey." Her dad hugged her. "Come in both of you. Your mum's inside."
They followed him down the hall.
"Look who's visiting with a friend. Sit down both of you."
"I need to say something first." Kitty took off her long gloves and looked at the man who held her hand.
"This is Alec. He's my Master. She touched the elaborate chains around their wrists. "I'm his collared sub." 
Would they understand?
"Congratulations. Look, kitten." Her dad turned to his wife. "Our kitty has discovered herself at last. Do you think it’s in the genes?"

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Ps I have a book out today... have to squee! about that.


  1. What a saucy tease, Raven. I enjoyed the way you used sound in this.

  2. I love the family angle in this. Although I don't know that I'd share such a thing with my parents! Maybe if they asked about our behaviour to one another.

  3. Wowsers! Awesome that Mum and Dad not only were *not* upset, but they had that relationship too!

  4. Oh shit! I didn't expect that piece in the end. Very game*changing to me. I LOVED it!

  5. Loved it! That was great Raven!!

  6. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, each heartbeat echoing throughout my head. And then ***BAM!*** Daddy wants to celebrate. You kill me, Raven! I absolutely friggin' LOVED it. Which you would play more often with us if you'd set us on our ear each time like this. Wonderful..xo

  7. Fabulous tease and I love the end!!!

  8. Oh I love it! Great tease and excellent ending.

  9. brilliant tease I wasn't expecting it to end like that