Sunday, 11 January 2015

#SexySnippets where I celebrate... and so does Angie...or does she?

As I've just heard that A Dom for Christmas has been nominated for The Golden Flogger, best BDSM book award, I thought I'd celebrate with another #SexySnippet from it...

(Angie has been hot on the head and found herself in 1818. She's attracted to the man she calls 'the bully' and thinks she knows him. But...)

She needed to find out who the bully was because after all, maybe if she knew his name it might give her an idea what was happening. Really she couldn’t shout out “hey you, bully,” if she wanted his attention, it might sound about right, but it wasn’t very polite. Right now she felt as if she was watching a soap opera in a foreign language. One that was set a couple of hundred years ago.
“I’ll see she does as you say.”
The bully’s voice flowed over her, and into her, like liquid gold. Why on earth had she thought him cold and unfeeling? This was the voice of a sensualist, warm, erotic, and encompassing. 

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  1. Lovely snippet. It sounds to me like she's in a bit of bother.
    I'd like to know what happens next.

  2. Gotta love the sound of a man's voice :-)