Saturday, 8 June 2013

Why confuse the old? Like me...

Have you ever noticed how words come into fashion, and pop up like mushrooms in a compost heap?
Things you have known as one thing suddenly become something else. something that confuses the hell out of certain people, ie me.

(she looks how I feel)

The story in a romance is one such thing. Well I guess it's not just that, but that is what springs to mind. It's a romance about a certain subject. Yeah, a secret baby, a virgin, a oh I don't know a blancmange loving fire eater, whatever. Why on earth do we need to call it something else. Use a word that actually comes from the Greek tropos and means to turn? How on earth that's been fiddled with to mean a certain type of something I'll never know.

I have a couple of blogs coming up, and I was reminded of them... I had them in the diary for next week, but need to start them earier. No problem (apart from the fact I have no idea what to write) until someone mentioned they were each on a specific area of romance.

But did she *glares at Doris* say that? Oh no, she used some word that rhymes with grope and makes me think of a dirty old man in a mac...

 Now I've always thought of myself as rational, sensible and even tempered. (well someone has to). But that word I won't use makes me see red. How many other people see it, let their eyes glaze over and think, you what?"

Am I in a minority? The only person in the world who didn't know what it meant, looked it up and got even more confused, and had decided to ignore it in the hope it goes away? After all, we all did a Delia for a few years, and that's out of the window now. Along with Tamagotchi's, Rubick's cubes and Pegos. (well actually I still use the last my Regency stories, wash your mouths out.)

So dear readers (if I still have any and you're not all snoring on your sofas) I'm off to write a couple of blogs about types of plots and themes in a romance... And not think about dirty old men...

Take care,

Happy Reading,

Love R x

Oh and I nearly forgot, I have a new book out. Master from Evernight publishing.


 (with a nice 5* review on Amazon...Woo Hoo)

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  1. Get writing! And definitely keep dirty old men in macs out of your head! ; p