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Is Love Ever Conventional?
Falling in Love isn’t always easy, the not knowing if the other person feels the same, then if it seems they do the working out of the dynamics, as how each two people interact is always unique. An Unconventional Courtship is a short story full of the sweetness, the uncertainty of two people falling in love.
At different points in the story both Ellie and Alex have to take the risk of declaring themselves (a little unconventionally), making themselves vulnerable. For me those moments of letting go is when liking someone can turn to love, when a reflective feeling becomes falling.
I really fell in love with these two characters – they spoke not just too each other, but to me as well. They’ve got that spark ;) I hope you agree.
And of course I have to thank Raven, for telling me to stop and listen, as to begin with they only got a 1K short story that  when Rave read she said “Tell me more.”
More is now here.
The blurb:
To marry or not to marry- that is the question for Lord Mendton and Lady Eleanor Chatsby.
Lady Eleanor Chatsby has her eye on a man; unfortunately he doesn’t appear to know she exists and is more interested in his hobby of bird watching.
Lord Mendton, curses his inability to communicate well with others, especially when his attention is captured by the most interesting of ladies.
One impetuous act from her and he is struck by the desire to make Lady Eleanor Chatsby his wife. Unfortunately his proposal is unexpected, poorly timed and refused.  He is not deterred and begins a plan of seduction.
Their courtship fast becomes a battle of wills, what can Lord Mendton do to capture his lady’s heart? Will she give him her heart? Will he cede her control of their relationship?
What was Lord Mendton doing now?
Ellie watched, stunned, as Lord Mendton dropped to one knee.  Surely not! “Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” he asked without any preamble.
Ellie stared, unable to articulate any sensible thought. Her mind didn’t have any pertinent ideas to offer as a prompt. She had just been proposed to, by the Right Honourable Viscount Mendton, in front of scores of people. He who had barely acknowledged her existence before now. It was her turn to be rendered speechless. She had no words.
Lord Mendton continued to kneel, his stance held perfectly still, no tremor to be seen. His expression was equally frozen. His eyes held anticipation helping to convey his question, and yet his brow was furrowed as if, despite whatever conviction had made him act, he was now surprised. Maybe his actions were out of character for all versions of himself, the public persona and the man only he knew.
There was a silence as everyone nearby was held in thrall. In the distance the sound of wood cutting through water could be heard as more than one boat returned to dock.
Ellie felt the weight of attention adding to the heavy water that had soaked her clothes. She had not thought her actions would create such an immediate burden.
She was tempted to say yes. Of course she was. It would lend the situation a romantic climax, and it was the very end she had sought when chasing the man now on his knees before her.
“I’m sorry,” Ellie whispered, shaking her head. Was it even real? Did he even know her name? Something so surreal and sudden couldn’t be the basis for marriage, could it?
“Lady Eleanor?”
Oh God, did she have to give some further form of explanation.
She asked the question pressing in her mind instead, “You know my name then, who I am?” It didn’t sound as she had intended. It sounded as though she cared about her rank when really she was more interested in the transformation from him not remembering her to knowing her name and proposing. 
“Of course.” Lord Mendton said swiftly, a faint colour now staining his cheeks. “I asked my sister to tell me your name as soon as I saw you again today.”
He remembered their lasting meeting then.
How sweet that he’d asked who she was as a result. Or it would be at any other time. There was still a part of Ellie that had never quite forgiven him for not previously succumbing to her charms when she so desperately wanted him to.
“I’m cold, I’m tired, I’m wet, and the last thing I want is to be somebody’s wife.”

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