Sunday, 16 June 2013

#SexySnippets are here, from Her Type Of Guy

out on 19th...

And I have two stories in here, so how about a teaser from A True Scotsman...

Charlie is about to climb in a kilt...

Charlie McCuell pulled up the hood of his duffel coat and adjusted his dark glasses. Stood at the bottom of Castle Rock, with the wind blowing up his kilt he felt he lived up to his nickname in more ways than one. In fact at that moment Mr. McCool didn't hack it at all. He was Mr. McFreezing. His cock was Mr. McShriveled and his balls frozen.
A certain footballer might be called golden balls, but at that moment Charlie bet that even he'd be frozen balls, were it him standing here.
In fact I feel I live up to my name, a right Charlie.

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  1. Fab snippet! I'm looking forwaard to this anthology!

  2. *chuckles* I do love this story, Raven :-)

  3. LOL. He'll be Mr Blue Balls if he doesn't warm up soon. Love it.

  4. Hahahahhahahahahaha! Mr McFreezing! This is killing me! I love it.

  5. pmsl I love Mr McShrivelled. Super Snippet Raven.

  6. I'm hooked, cannot wait to read "the rest of the story" [my apologies to Paul Harvey ... couldn't resist].