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Manda mentions sex...

Take it away Manda...


This title comes (scuse the pun) courtesy of my husband.  Immediately  my mind recalled the comedian Jasper Carrott.  On one of his DVDs, Jasper is talking about women and men's intuition and during his spiel comes up the quote, "And men instinctively know when you've had an orgasm.  It's the look on your face when we come home."
Admittedly when going through certain phases of the month, this is a very apt quote.  However as an author of romance I got thinking about reality versus fantasy sex.
The fantasy is for most women being taken to the point of pleasure by your partner.  Gasping out his name as you reach the pinnacle, and recovering slowly wrapped in his strong arms.
My reality would be the chance to have a decent nights sleep without the usual visit from my 4 year old son scrambling into our bed and kicking off all the covers.  
I'm not saying that my husband and I don't have our 'romantic' moments, and luckily for you guys  I am not going all creepy and writing about the ins and outs of my love life.  This is simply a reassurance to all those tired mums out there that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Oh yes walking into the bedroom and seeing him would be wonderful, however, between you and me I would rather have a full nights sleep, wake up refreshed and to a quiet house.  Able to walk into my kitchen, make and drink that first wonderful first mug of tea in peace and quiet.  As for my love life.  With three kids, one of which has special needs, it happens in fits and starts.  It doesn't mean the attraction and desire has gone, far from it.  When I write love scenes, I try to keep as much to the reality as possible, but take it just a tad above, so as to make it possible  in real life.   In my home there is always something going on  that needs to be sorted, whether with the children or personally.  However, in bed my husband and I try to make time for each other.  I guess I am lucky in that he always tells me he loves me.  The way he teases me, and can resort me to giggles with a look or a word whispered in my ear, well its pretty bloody brilliant.  
As a teenager I learnt about sex from a book Forever by Judy Blume.  In my late teens/early twenties I devoured the Temptation line and read about 'love-making'.  How the woman always had an orgasm, how the hero pleasured and teased her.  It's taken me three marriages and nearly twenty years to be able to be comfortable in who I am, and able to combine the reality with the fantasy.  Here I am now, an author of romance, wife, mother, grandmother, still fairly sleep deprived, but with the light coming closer all the time.  
To sleep deprived mums everywhere, if I could give one tip.  A look or a touch can mean more than a thousand words.  

I shall leave you with my version of the fantasy.  I hope you enjoy!
Laura engulfed him, tormented him, suckled him, gliding over his length with her mouth. She demanded, with her actions, that he give himself to her completely, Rhean buckled and writhed, moaned again, clenching the covers with white-knuckled hands. Laura had never wanted to perform this act, but Rhean evoked responses in her, and she glowed with confidence enjoying him as if he were the finest ice cream. With one final long slow lick of his shaft from bottom to tip, in a sudden movement, Rhean clasped Laura in his arms, rolling her beneath him. It seemed as though she had taken him to the very edge of his control and beyond.
Rhean held her shoulders as his gaze swept her body. He made her feel beautiful, and so loved. Reaching her hand up, Laura touched his face tenderly, feeling the moistness of tears that stung his eyes in awe of her beauty, and of the overwhelming feelings that had stirred inside of him. Rhean brought his head down towards her, parting her lips with his, his tongue, requesting entrance. She put her arms around him drawing him closer to her. He swept his hand down her body, over the curves of her breasts, touching her nipples, and further down, at the moistness between her legs. He dipped his hand inside her and felt the warmth there, covering his fingers with her essence, slowly rubbing them backward and forward, making her moan into his mouth. He stroked his hand back up her body, leaving a trail. She reared back in ecstasy, as his mouth left hers and trailed down her body, suckling her breasts, lapping at the scent he had left up her body. He kissed her breasts, suckling hard at her nipples, pinning her hands up over her head, stopping her from touching him, as if one more touch from her would cause him to explode. His tongue tasted and laved every inch of her skin, kissing and nibbling, murmuring how beautiful he found her.
She parted her thighs, and acting on instinct, he nuzzled the downy moist hair, warm and wet from her desire for him. With one stroke of his tongue, he caused her to buck off the bed with a gasp of pleasure. Stroking from the bottom of her folds to her clitoris, he nipped it gently with his teeth. He groaned at the taste of her, and needing more, spread her thighs further apart, giving him better access. He inserted his tongue inside her hot core, moving it around and around, and inside and out, flicking alternately faster and slower, deep then shallow. Rhean looked up at his wife, his lips glistening from her wetness, then licked his lips and knelt between her legs. 
She attempted to sit up, and holding her gaze, Rhean covered her mouth with his. She tasted herself on his tongue, for her this new experience excited her more than ever. But she needed him, deep inside her, to become one with him. Laura reached out and engulfing his shaft with her hand; she drew it towards her heated core, and touched herself with him. Rhean’s body bucked in pleasure, and slowly pushed himself into her tight channel, his mouth covering hers at the same time. The feel of him inside her, was more than she could bear, sending lightning bolts of pleasure straight to her brain, causing Laura to cry out. 
They became one, and the world surrounded them as their bodies moved together in unison. Laura threw her head back and cried his name, her hand digging into his buttocks drawing him into her deeper, one hand scratched the back of his neck, needing him to be so deep inside her, become one with her.  She had never felt such pleasure before. His hand went between them, touching her clitoris, as she screamed his name out loud, spreading her legs wider bringing them up high around his back reaching round between his buttocks she stroked his testicles which were drawn high, needing to release their precious cargo.
Rhean moved faster and faster, harder into her, and then slowed down, his body up over her breasts causing ripples deep inside her sheath. Seeking more as he thrust deeply inside her body the world faded away. It was just the two of them, striving towards the ultimate pleasure, and it was coming sooner. 
“More!” Laura cried, as she clenched her hands into Rhean’s buttocks, arching upwards to meet his thrusts.
“Oh my Laura,” Rhean breathed with the pure pleasure of being one with her. They locked gazes and her eyes became luminous and sparkling, and he drowned in her emerald pools. Faster and harder he drove himself into her, until with a shout, he emptied himself into her. Rhean touched her clitoris again with his finger, pressing firmly and squeezing it. She bucked, and he felt her clench tight around him, milking him hard, and then there was wetness. She came around him in waves, jerking and shuddering in his arms.

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