Friday, 28 June 2013

lucky me...

I was on holiday last week, so not much writing was added to my WIP. I'm trying to make up for it this week. Am I succeeding. Yes and no...

Yes, because I got several idea for new stories. Yes because something I'm working on is coming together nicely. No because I decided to research, and as ever four hours later, I'd had a great time reading but ended up nowhere near what I'd originally gone to find out. Ah well, it might come in useful at some point, even if its just to answer a crossword clue.

However last week, I was in Devon, and stayed in the house that was the rough basis for Randall's house in both Randall's Romance by Lee Brazil, and Cecilia's Claim by yours truly. 
 I was more than pleased to see how I'd remembered the village,  and the surrounding area, and how Lee and I had used it so well to create Chaldon. One scene in Cecelia's Claim is set in a sea fret, and although I'd have preferred not to have that on my holiday, we did and it showed me I'd got it right. :)

(the fret has lifted but it's still a bit gloomy, very atmospheric)

We made our way to the beach that the smugglers used...

and I reckon it sets the scene really well... you go through a tunnel to get to it...

I've long said that the reason for holidays is research. Do you think I could make them tax deductable?

Hmmm now where next? I fancy setting a book in Langkawi...

All this is here because I want to do a giveaway. Yes, I'm in one of those generous moods. So, where in the world would you like to visit and why? I'll do a random pick and one lucky person will be able to pick an ebook of mine of their choice.

Happy reading,

love R x

Randall's Romance and Cecilia's Claim are both available from

The next two books, Harold's Haven and Nash's Niche will be available in August...

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  1. Hi! It sounds like you had a good time while away! Love the pics, now that I've seen those I must get reading the books soon!