Sunday 3 March 2013

#sexysnippets... Almost...

Entente Cordiale

Yes, this week I'm still continuing my back in time snippets. Not only in history of the setting but in history of them being published.

This week my Sexy SevenSnippets come from 1800

And Almost Entente Cordiale...


A woman with two husbands—husbands who are lovers. Is this a relationship doomed to failure?

Only she can decide.

When Julien returns from France, he did not expect to find his lover ballock-deep inside a woman. Especially when that woman is his own wife!

Christianne knew Alastair had a lover, but she did not expect that lover to be the husband she thought was dead.

As a marriage of convenience turns passionate, can the three of them make their illicit relationship work?

Or will Christianne have to choose which husband to 

Here's my seven...

Those sighs and shouts of encouragement and endearment were enough to send him over the edge. With one decisive movement of his hand, he came with a silent shudder of awareness—all over his hand. His pulse erratic, he watched as Alastair made one last, hard, ball- bouncing thrust into his partner’s cunt, and roared his release. The lady followed immediately, writhing and sobbing. Julien milked the last drop of cum from his cock, and slowly regulated his breathing.
Never again would he dismiss the pleasure of being an onlooker. He suspected the pleasure he had gained would have increased tenfold if his presence had been noted.

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  1. Really really need to read this :)

  2. Love this one!!!

  3. Wow! I read this one twice so it could all soak in!

  4. Right into the HOT action bit there Raven! Love it.

  5. I love the name Alastair, I had a character with that name once. As for your snippet...Hot!

  6. Voyeurism is so hot. Great snippet, Raven! Really enjoyed it.

  7. Very sexy. I think its hot to read through the eyes of an on-looker ;)

  8. Loved it, Raven. This one sounds absolutely heart pounding. YuM!

  9. Thanks all, am about to indulge myself and read all of this weeks #sexysnippets