Sunday, 24 March 2013

#sexysnippets and Rose

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Well, I thought I'd better take you back in time this week.To when Regency ladies and gentleman played  and nobody talked about it. At least--not openly.
Rose Sophia is a lady who feels she's lacking somthing in her life. Are Jasper and Nathaniel the people to help her find it? Only time will tell.

Here's your seven...

Yes, there was no doubt she felt more than two hands on her. One, very skillfully held her arse tight against a very hard throbbing cock. Another hand was carefully holding her close to a male thigh, the rest of the body it belonged to was out of sight, behind her. She could see no face, oh my. Another hand touched her quim, softly rubbed her wet cunt through her silks, and all this in the receiving queue of a ball? Was she dreaming?
“It is real, we want to show you what you can expect.

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  1. I love the cover of this book. And the book too!

  2. I do love your Regency Menages, Raven.

  3. reading this now and loving it! Great snippet too!

  4. Very hot. Where's this ball? ;)

  5. OMG...I loved the cover when I first saw it and this seven. I'll be in my bunk!