Saturday 2 March 2013

Some things are worth waiting for... PIPER KAY is one of them

And as for this cover? Wow oh wow

I've read this and my oh my, it doesn't disappoint. I loved it.. still do...

Piper Kay is a good ole’ country girl at heart, being born and raised in a small Texas town outside of the Houston area. As a mother of three, she spent most of her adult life dedicated to raising her family. With her children almost grown, she decided to fulfill her favorite saying “One day I’m going to write a book.” She is currently published with Evernight Publishing. Be sure to keep in touch with her on her facebook page:

Now here's your treat...

get ready, and be ready...

Twisted Cherry by Piper Kay


Evan is hiding his urges for other men the only way he knows how--by pretending to live a life of wenching, and by seeking the needle of tattoo artists who impart a kind of guilty pain. But when he meets Gabe, owner of the Twisted Cherry tattoo parlor, he can’t hide his desire for the hot and sexy guy. Gabe, openly gay, proceeds to show Evan how he can be tattooed not just by a needle, but by stinging hot love too.


Gabe flashes his catch sexy smile at me, as he slides his hands up under my shirt. He lifts my shirt over my head and throws it over the side of the couch. I’m now standing buck naked for the first time in my life, in front of a man. My nerves are shot.
He guides my hands, helping me remove his shirt too. I step completely out of my pants leg that’s still around my ankle. He looks me up and down with an eat-me-up grin.
Admiring his chest, the firmness and build of his pecs, I spread my hands across him. He’s tight and hard. The small amount of chest hair tickles my fingertips. God, this man is fucking lickable.
Gabe wraps both arms around me, pulling me forcefully into him. The feel of our naked chests, skin to skin, hardens my dick again and there’s no way to stop it. Shit, I don’t want to stop it.
His nipples rise into hard nubs and push against mine. Running my hands along his back, I trace the muscular curves in his back. He takes my ass into his hands, squeezing me tight, but gentle.
He slips his hands around to my front and squats a little. He begins tracing his fingers inside my thighs, up and down, teasing.
Gabe takes my hands and leads them to the button on his pants. He begins giving me kisses again. His tongue parts my lips, and his kisses are more tender than a woman’s. Saucy-sweet.
I unbutton his jeans, then slide the zipper down. I can feel him under his jeans, but he isn’t hard. How does he do that? I am at full attention here. He caresses my hands. Shit, they’re shaking from nerves.
Guiding my hands, he leads me to his waistband. Together, we slip his jeans over his hips and down his legs. He kicks his boots off and with his foot he guides his jeans off, one leg after the other.
He pulls back from the kiss, and stands there, not moving. I stare into his eyes, lost. I gaze down his bulging chest muscles, admiring the tattoo he has located right above his belly button. It looks like a portal of some sort. I reach with my finger tips and trace it. Continuing to look downwards, past the wicked navel, I see him in all his glory. He’s fucking magnificent.
Again, he guides my hands to him, to touch him. I’ve never touched another man. All I know is what feels good to me, so I wrap my hands around his cock like I would my own. I slowly stroke him, and he does the same for me.
Gabe is showing me every step of this. What he does to me, I do to him. It’s like follow the leader. Unable to resist, I move my mouth to his neck, licking him. His taste is kind of like sweat on leather, but also sweet. I smell his cologne. He’s wearing Stetson, my favorite. I lick and swirl my tongue up to his ear and nibble his lobe. He moans, and I almost get off just hearing him. This is the most satisfying sound I have ever heard in my fucking life.

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The lovely Piper has offered and ebook to one lucky commenter...

Just tell us why you like a tattoo, oh and where...

The winner will be chosen at random on 8th March... good luck...

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  1. I dont have any yet but I would like to get the Eye Of Ra on my shoulder. Each part of the eye is a form of measurement that was in building and for medicinal purpose and being a nurse I think thats kinda neat.

  2. Thank you so very much for having me on your blog today, beautiful site Raven. lagina, I have four tatt's, and my characters Gabe and Evan have tatt's too. Gabe owns a tatt parlor called Twisted Cherry (hence the name of the story. The Eye of Ra is great tatt. Thanks for taking the time to stopping! And good luck for the freebie book five away

  3. Hi Piper, I've had the privilege already to have read Twisted Cherry to welcome me into the world of m/m. What hot little read it was too,very much enjoyed.

    1. Thank you so, so very much jojo. I'm glad you enjoyed Twisted Cherry and so glad you stopped by today. ~hugs to you~

  4. I have three tattoos-one on the back of each shoulder and one around my right ankle. I got my first one at forty. Great excerpt and bio. =}

    1. Thank you Pat for stopping in and your tatt's sound really awesome. I think I had my first tattoo at age twenty four, and made that mistake of putting a name on it.(it's since been redone to cover) I have and anchor on my left shoulder, a heart with my children's names inside or right shoulder. Up my right calf, I just have some 'squigglys'-it's actually just a flame/combo, I got that one last year. All my characters have tattoo's, I'm addicted I suppose and find tatt's so very sexy. I believe all tatt's tell a story, that is what my grandpa told me years ago. Thanks for dropping by

  5. Hi Piper, I loved this story! So, no need to enter me into giveaway. I'm toying with the idea of a tiger tat, should prolly start with something smaller though, eh.

    1. Thank you Doris and I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. Where do you want to get the tiger tatt at? I think tiger ink in really awesome, everything I have seen of them, they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for coming by Doris. ~big hugs to you~

  6. I have three tattoos, all representing my family. I do love a man with ink around his biceps Rawr!. Great excerpt :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jorja. I think tatts that represent family shows such loyalty. On my right shoulder, I have a big heart with my children's names inside it. I plan to get a cross, with a rose in it for my best friend who passed almost two years ago. I made the mistake of getting a mans name on my left angle, once, which has been redone into into a heart with vines and greenery around it, I will never get a man's name again. I have an anchor on my left shoulder because the the love of my life was on a submarine and also a captain in the merchants marines. Tatts tell a story, they really do. Thanks again for dropping by!

  7. Howdy, Piper,

    I'm one of those who doesn't qualify for winning a book, but I'm thrilled to vist here and add my YOWZA!!! to your debut story. I loved Gabe and Evan, whose odyssey was short but, um, hot and sweet. Very hot, may I add. You have a way of getting into the head and under the skin—pun intended—and I love your writing. Best of success, always.

    Oh, and as for a tatt...I wrote a short story waiting for a home, in which the MC wore the tatt of a falcon on his chest. I love the whole "raptor" family of birds because of their look of hooded danger.

    All best ~Erin

  8. I already have TWISTED CHERRY (and hoo boy, it was absolutely smouldering) so don't enter me into the contest. But tattoos -- I just sold a novel where magical tattoos are a major plot point, so if I were ever to get any ink on me it would be one of my polyagapimenos tattoos, between my shoulder blades.

    1. Hi Nicola, I hope you enjoyed Twisted Cherry. Your 'future' tatt sounds awesome. Very magical. Do you plan on ever getting it? I just have a things for tatt's. Like I mentioned earlier, they seem to tell a story. That's for stopping by to visit.

  9. I have to hearts on my Breast,Happy and Sad, I want one on my wrist that says BITE w/ Vamp teeth. I love this Blog and The Book sounds yummy. I could use more. I did share to me FB and Twitter.

    1. Hi there Jessica, and first of all, thank you for sharing on your DB and Twitter, much appreciated. xoxox (I'm still too chicken to get a Twitter-lol Your heart tatt's sound bad-ass and I think the idea of vamp teeth saying BITE sounds awesome. Thanks for stopping in today!

  10. Thank you Erin, for stopping in. I love your Yowza comment. I appreciate it so very much. Your falcon tatt sounds awesome and I can't wait until your story has home, I'd love to read it.