Thursday, 28 March 2013

thumbs up thursday... to family, friends. and my murky mind...

hi all...

There's not been a thumbs up for a few weeks, my bad. however I have a reason. not an excuse you understand, but what I reckon is a good reason. I've had a rotten nasty yukky chest infection. It has really pulled me down, and i tell you i've not been a happy Bunny.

What helped me was family, friends, and my murky mind.

Family, because although DH was in the far east for work, my lovely daughter rang me several times a day, and arranged for her and her and her partner to visit.

Friends because I had a house full of fellow authors at the weekend, and bless them they looked after me. We laughed cried and put the world to rights. And all the while they plied me with tea and coffee and chocolate. Sad to say, I was off my food and believe it or not, my wine! ( they made up for it)

And finally, my murky mind. Yup, it helped me. Whilst my writing skills seemed to have disappeared with my appetite,  the fact I had two books our whilst I was a miserable s*d did help. Especially as the first, Will You Dance Miss Laurence? was number two on the Evernight Publishing site best sellers for March, and the second, A Rose Between The Thornes, ( Breathless Press) gained its star on All Romance Ebooks. Good news like that certainly helped me to feel better.

Then I got edits in for A New Dawn, a short story in an antho and my mojo perked up...thank goodness. I'm getting back on track. I really enjoyed doing the edits, sent them back...and...

Now finally, I'm re reading A Matter Of Faith—a Regency that needs finishing off and sending to my editor.  I'm loving it (phew). as soon as I have an empty house it's full steam ahead to get it finished.

If I've learned one thing this last three weeks, its thumbs up for friends, family and my murky mind. They've all got me through this yuk. Okay i'm still coughing i but I'm getting there!

Happy Reading,

Love Rx


  1. Glad you have perked up Raven!

  2. Off the must have been ill Raven :-) Glad you're better. x

  3. Glad you're better Raven, hopefully it'll be gone completely soon :) x

  4. Yey for your returning mojo. And the wine was very nice ;-)