Tuesday 19 March 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday.... my tiny bit of tease.

The Welcome

They stood out bright against the snow. The wind had got up, and they fluttered proudly. It was as if they announced to the world 'look at me.'
She didn't really want the world to see them. Just one special person.
That person had been absent form her life for way to long. No one's fault unless you considered working hard and taking pride in such work was wrong.
Which she didn't.
However sometimes, just sometimes she wondered. Why them?
For the umpteenth time she looked at the clock. Not long now.
Once more glance—they were still there.
Second glance—they were gone!
Her heart thudded.
The door opened. As she turned to look at it, she burst out laughing.
Where the stick had come from she'd no idea.
Dangling from the end was her bright red thong. Last seen on the rose bush outside.
As she giggled the thong and stick was followed by a camouflage jacket, trousers, and skivvies.
Then her. Her friend, her partner, her lover.
"That's what I call a welcome home."

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  1. Great job. I was surprised at the end. Your photo was beautiful and yet very suggestive as was your Teaser.

  2. Loved the twist at the end :-)

  3. Haha! I hope they live somewhere secluded, unless the message to others was, keep on walking, this house is rocking!

  4. Wonderful teaser! What fun! What a welcome home! Whew!