Sunday 9 December 2012

SIx Sentences... The Perfect Gift

Christmas, and what's your Perfect Gift?

Judith knows her perfect gift would be Stephen...she just has to get him to agree...

She curled her tongue around that enticing tip and sipped delicately and with deliberate enjoyment at his juices. He tasted salty and his musky scent filled her. With each touch, his cock jerked its approval of her ministrations; her clit clenched and her curls dampened in appreciation of his ardor. Emboldened, Judith took his length into her mouth, and let her teeth graze him, just a little. She was acting on impulse alone; nowhere had she read directions to do this. His cock responded with enthusiasm, and more juices slid along its length.

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  1. That's hot. I love that her natural instinct is guiding her. Sexy ^.

  2. "...deliberate enjoyment at his juices .".... Sound's good to me