Saturday 22 December 2012

Me? Naughty? Whatever gave you that idea...

Just because I'm on the naughty list...

There's naughty and there's naughty. Which one am I? 

Thinking of it, I do make lists. Lots of them, I'm a real make a list and often lose it sort of person. A list for the grocery shopping.. and if DH is to go to the supermarket, it's explicit. Sadly not naughty though unless you count only non bio for the washing powder, and check for gluten as risque. 

 Then there's the holiday for clothes, one for accessories such as sun cream, books, books make up, books and well books. Nothing dirty there, unless you count the clothes that come home.

 Aha oops, then there's the check on google list... that sort of..okay the bill. If anyone got hold of my to do list re google they'd definitely say I was on the naughty list. Or it was my naughty list. The last five things were... bondage ropes, cock ring, recipe for salsa (?), Regency nipple clamps and erotic foods...

 So I think I'm allowed on the blog hop don't you? 
here's a wee teaser... 
from Deck Mac Hall... a nice hot little number... 

 “Holly, you do not answer a question with a question.” 

She braced herself for more punishment. Instead he began to stroke and sooth her chastised buttocks. Then the pleasure started. Her perception changed as warmth encompassed her body. It spread in waves, one after another, like a soothing bath. Or the softness of a cozy angora blanket. She was pampered, loved, and cherished. She moaned in appreciation.

God, I love this. If he ever gets around to actually putting his cock into me, anywhere, I might just spontaneously combust. 

“Sorry, Sir. Yes, Sir, I’m sorry, Sir.” Shit, all this being humble stuff better be worth it. It seemed Mac knew her as well as she knew herself. One very juice increasing spank later, she found herself once more on her back. 

“I’ll have to think of something different to chastise you, Holly. You like those taps much too much. Do you even realize how fucking arousing those moans and wriggles you make are?” 

Holly looked at him in bemusement. What moans and wriggles? As far as she was aware, she just gritted her teeth.

Mac shook his head in amazement. “You don’t even know your doing it, do you? Every time my hand touches you, you writhe and make a cum-inducing fuck-me-now noise. As much as I want to oblige, I need to tell you a few things first.” He paused. “Where was I? Ah yes. Spanking you years ago.” He bent his head and sucked hard on one tight nipple. The other one stood up as well, protesting about his neglect. Mac gave it similar attention and rubbed his hand up her thigh. “Wet,” he said in satisfaction. “Wet and wanting. I love it.” 

Holly decided he didn’t expect a reply. In truth it would have been difficult. Her body was on fire, and she had to concentrate all her attention on not coming. It would take very little to push her over the edge.


So... do I have your interest? you see...I do have a nice hot book out from BP...or two ...or three, so to celebrate being naughty, I'm offering an ebook from my back list if you follow my blog and comment. 

Just tell me what naughty thing you like at long as it's legal... 
And you can check them out on 
 and don't forget to visit us all... 

Happy Christmas, 
Love R x 

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  1. Dec Mac Hall looks good Raven!

    I giggled at your last 5 googled list, salsa being in the middle of cock ring and regency nipple clamps! :p

    The naughty thing I love at Christmas is chocolate. I'm diabetic, and dieting lol, so do like to treat myself to some well deserved chocolate!

  2. Mac sure is one hot man! Like the idea of a naughty list...goes off to ponder!

  3. Recipe for salsa on your naughty list??? Interesting! LOL! Um, maybe I shouldn't check the last five on my google!

  4. Can I have Alexander Skarsgard under my tree? I don't know if He is naughty but I can think of naughty things with him as inspiration. ;)

  5. Raven,

    Deck Mac Hall sounds terrific. I haven't had the pleasure of reading any of your books yet, but I am definitely going to start with Deck Mac Hall! :-)

    As far as my naughtiness goes... I must say that books have made me naughty. No if ands or buts about it. I never thought dirty thoughts until I started reading romance novels, lol. I remember reading my first love scene...and I just so happened to be sitting in a high school chemistry class...LOL. Growing up is fun.


  6. Lots of naughty things... chocolate, books, & a sexy man :) Oh & I love Heather's comment above about Alexander because I completely agree lol
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  7. I love chocolate, sexy men would like chocolate on sexy men ( yes I meant that as plural) so yes I guess i made the naughty list LOL

  8. Deck Mac Hall sounds scrumptious and my naughty might have to be to by myself some of these books for Christmas instead of waiting until after! I've had plenty of nuaghties and too many crowd the mind ;-)

  9. I think my reading material alone would get me on the naughty list.

  10. I have some fun ideas I want to act out with my significant other.

  11. Very yummy, Raven! But then all your stories are. :) Merry Christmas!

  12. You know how much I love that story. As for naughty, well ... lol.

  13. Oh boy that story looks great!!


  14. I like reading naughty Christmas stories :)


  15. Thank you all for taking the time to pop in and read, AND comment. I hope you all are having a great holiday season, and enjoy whatever festival you celebrate.
    So by random cat-choice. ( ie the cat sat on the bit of with your name on.)..Cassandra Hicks, you've won an ebook of your choice from my back list...
    Congratulations, Please let me know which you would like.
    Speak to you all ( I hope) very soon.