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Daniel Everett is having a bad day. Firstly, it's almost Christmas and he's convinced Scrooge had the right idea in the first place. Secondly, his latest nanny has left him to cope alone with his five year old daughter—and quite frankly he would rather deal with several cut-throat mergers before breakfast than one small child.

When the beautiful Laurel shows up on his doorstep she's a gift from heaven—literally! Unbeknown to him, Laurel is a real life angel and his carefully ordered life is about to be turned upside down. She's determined to help Daniel feel again and to reconnect with his daughter.

What neither of them bank on is the sparks that fly between them. As Laurel starts to thaw Daniel's icy exterior, can he learn to trust again and start to believe in the impossible, and can they ever overcome the obstacles of coming from two separate worlds?


Since it’s you, Raven, I went for a slightly steamier one :)

(that's what I call friendship) 

He actually snorted then. "Trust me to get a crazy nanny. I don't suppose you have some proof of that you'd like to share?"
Laurel smiled. "Angels don't work on proof. They work on faith."
"Dear god." He rolled his eyes and stood up to pace the room. He stopped next to the chair, and loomed over her. "Whatever crazy notions you may have in your head are your problem, but I do not want you trying to make my daughter believe them too."
Anger surged through her. Before she realized what she was doing she'd pushed back the chair and was glaring up at him. Really this man was impossible! "I am not crazy and neither are my notions. I would never try to make anyone believe anything. Rachel will know what is right in her heart."
He glared at her and his hands went to her shoulders, almost as though he was going to shake her. He abruptly froze, his thumbs rubbing against her bare arms, and Laurel felt an entirely different emotion run through her.
She watched as he slowly lowered his head to hers, giving her plenty of time to move away. Her body seemed incapable of moving, she felt like a deer caught in the headlight. His lips brushed hers and all conscious thought seemed to drop away.
Laurel clutched his shoulders, not entirely sure her legs would hold her up. His lips were soft, completely at odds with the rest of him, and his taste was better then ambrosia. Liquid fire was running through her body and pooling in damp heat between her legs. She had never imagined that human emotions could be so overwhelming. It made her understand so much more now, why they put so much emphasis on this, why they would do anything for it. One hand slid up her side to cup her breast. As his thumb brushed over the nipple, another surge of fire shot through her. She heard herself moan, shocked at the sound.
His other hand was splayed on her back, the heat searing through her T-shirt as he pressed her closer to him. She felt the hard evidence of his arousal press against her stomach and jerked back with a squeak of surprise. Her hand flew to her mouth, her lips feeling shockingly tender and slightly bereft. What had she been thinking; she couldn't do something like this.

I love Christmas and it’s great to have an extra reason (as if I needed one!) to be excited about it this year with my first ever release coming out! I haven’t quite got onto a ‘writer’s’ schedule yet, so it was very strange for me to be originally writing this back in July. I was sat there with carols playing and Christmassy cookies to try and get in the festive spirit (well, that and it was a good excuse for cookies).

Shelli Rosewarne lives in Edinburgh with her long-suffering fiancé and slightly psycho cat. She always had a dream of being a writer but, like so many things, real life and paying the bills got in the way. She eventually realized that life is too short not to follow your dreams and a year later was signing her first contract with Breathless Press. When not writing she loves reading, music and photography.




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