Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bliss for Christmas...

 Let's be naughty, and indulge in… Well you fill in the blanks. Whatever you desire…(as long as it's legal)
I've always loved Christmas…the music, wrapping presents, putting your stocking up, children getting excited—heck me getting excited. Mince pies, mulled wine, opening presents…you name it.

So, I've written a Christmas flash, just for you all.

Sasha Sinclair isn't sure about the whole Christmas excitement bit.  After all, who has she got to be excited with? Luton the cat wasn't going to drink mulled wine and eat Christmas cake with her. Yeas he's help with the turkey, but really who in their right minds would buy a turkey for one person…plus cat?
Well…Okay she'd put her stocking up, but it wasn't the same filling it yourself...

Someone was shaking her.
Sasha rolled over and muttered under her breath. She was having somewhat of an erotic dream. Something about a hot-bod with abs to die for and a smile guaranteed to make any hot-blooded woman wet in three seconds flat.
A deep velvet voice that reminded her of sizzling, deep, spine  tingling kisses  swirled through her.
"Happy Christmas love. Come on wake up."
 Damnit, whoever sounded like Johnny Depp in Chocolat should shut up. The last thing Sasha needed was an erotic dream.
"I'm no dream…well not for ever. Now open your eyes."
Well no, she didn't think she would. It was Christmas, and if she opened her eyes she'd realize she was all alone again. Evidently sending Santa a wish list didn't count once you were over twenty-one. And she had hit that number more than a couple of years before.
The voice—what else could she call it—gave her another shake and oh my a nip on her shoulder.
She didn't want to open her eyes and find Luton her big fluffy cat clawing her and to demand breakfast. He was a creature of habit, Christmas or not.
Well, that's not Luton.
He was everything his voice hinted and more,
She nodded.
"Chris sent me?"
"You know, little guy, big beard? Otherwise known as your brother. He said you'd have room for me. I've just arrived and I've nowhere to stay."
 That's two different stories.
 "Uh, so no stable?"
"Nope, so Chris gave me a key, he said chimneys are old hat. And." His voice dipped lower, like hot chocolate dripping onto her skin and making her sizzle. "He said you deserved what you wished for. What did you wish for?"
She opened her eyes. It was him.
"You, you home for Christmas."
"Well you got your wish."


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Happy Christmas,

love R xx


  1. Well that woke me up Raven. Almost choked on my mince pie. Ive often wondered what Scotsmen wore under their kilts, and my imagination has run riot. Perhaps they wear nothing but a spri of mistletoe?

  2. Aww, that's lovely!


  3. You had me at Johnny Depp in Chocolat or was that Johnny Depp in chocolate???

    Love it, happy Christmas :-)

    Lily x

  4. I do love it when you flash Raven!

  5. I enjoy these satisfying quickies! Thanks for being a part of Blissemas! I'm now following your blog via GFC and look forward to reading more of your works.

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    Great quickie. Thanks for being part of Blissemas.

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  7. THanks Everyone. I didn't get on here yesterday, as I went out with DH... it was my birthday,or as my son said my old-day ( yeah I do love him really) Glad you enjoyed the flash, and thanks for commenting.

  8. I've just discovered you by browsing through a blog hop; now I'm here to stay, learn, and read! *laughs* I also follow via email now...
    Thank you so much
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  9. Thank you all, watch this space for my winner once the hop is over...

  10. Great quickie, I loved it ^_^

  11. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. Merry Christmas! Gale Nelson

  12. Nice teaser! Sounds great! Thanks for sharing! Happy holidays! Best wishes and many blessings to you!

  13. it's such fun to read your comments, thanks everyone. Remember there are lots of blogs and lots of goodies to win