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look and drool...A very droolworthy 10 things...

Ten Things About Noelle Duncan
1.     She’s an elf. Not Lord of the Rings style… but Santa Claus.
2.     She finds life among humans interesting, but lonely.
3.     She doesn’t look it, but she’s definitely an older woman. (She’s recently retired after two centuries working in Santa’s workshop.)
4.     Her hair and eyes change color with the seasons.
5.     Since retirement, she’s taken to working for a number of charitable causes.
6.     She loves snow globes because they remind her of home.
7.     In the human world, she’s learned to drive and become addicted to coffee… and staring at the coffee shop owners.
8.     She has pointed ears she either covers with her hair, or with elfin magic.
9.     She’s a sucker for romance. And steamy hot sex.
10.  She loves happy endings, but doesn’t believe there’s one for her.

Elf Noelle Duncan thought life among the humans would be a nice change of pace after two hundred years in Santa’s workshop. Instead, retirement is lonely and the prospect of spending her remaining centuries among humans doesn’t hold much appeal. With Christmas approaching, she wants just one night to feel alive and loved.

Kristian Winters and Nicholas Haversham are partners in business and love. They’d like nothing more than to find a woman to share their love, but they’ve yet to find one open not only to two lovers, but a pair with unusual appetites. Noelle is the only woman they want, and Nick isn’t about to let Christmas go by without making their wishes known.


“I thought maybe you both found me attractive—”
“We do,” Kris said quickly. “Believe me.”
She turned her head just enough to see them from the corner of her eye. What would they look like naked? How would their skin feel? Not silky and smooth like elfin men, she knew. Coarse, dark hair ran along Nick’s forearms, thinning to a sprinkle over his hands. Kris, though, had no visible arm hair. Human men had hair elsewhere, though. Legs, chests… groins. Her mouth ran dry.
His warm breath skated across her cheek and she jolted away. Alone with two men and, as the old song went, the weather outside was frightful. One look at the building snow and she realized she might be walking home after this business finished.
Nick skimmed a finger along her cheek. “What is this expression? I’d pay good money to know what you’re thinking about right now.”
“Noelle?” Kris asked warily. “Are you staying?”
She suppressed the need to soothe the worry she heard in his voice. It startled her to realize in nine months of small talk and wistful admiration she’d come to like them. To care about them.
Nick’s fingers just barely touched her neck and she shivered.
“Did you hope to say more than Merry Christmas?” Nick asked, the heat of him close enough to melt her. “Maybe yes to my invitation?”
“Please say yes.”
Her eyes widened as Kris shifted, trapping her between them. He skimmed his knuckles along her cheek, his fingers stroking along her jaw.
“I’ve wanted to kiss you,” Kris said, “since I first saw you in the spring. Never thought green hair would do it for me.”
He looked to the ceiling with a short laugh, but not before she saw another hint of nerves. Maybe two men at one time was more of the wild side than some women thought they could handle, but she couldn’t find a single objection. Not when they touched her so gently. Her pulse rocked to think of four hands and two mouths roaming her body, wondering how they would touch her when they forgot to be so careful. When they knew for sure she wouldn’t run.
“You should kiss me then,” she said. “You’ve waited long enough.”

About Cara: Cara Michaels is a dreamer of legendary proportions (just ask her about the alien pirate spaceship invasion). Her imagination is her playground and nothing is quite so much fun for her as building new characters and new worlds with at least an edge of the fantastic. She's writing whenever the opportunity presents itself and can typically be found tinkering with half a dozen projects. Occasionally all at once.

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